The Prisoners Of dreams by Diana Nixon

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May 6, 2014 by ceresbooksworld

M-The prisoners of dreams

A book of poems and an addition to Heavens Trilogy, written from the POV of one of the leading characters, Natalie.


My Review :

I don’t have many things to said because Diana is so talented, her poems are so intense and amazing.

It’s the first time I read poems in a book and in English, it was so great.

She manages to make feel so many things to her readers. I am still impressed by her talent.

So I let you with a poem I like very much and Diana don’t stop writing, you are amazing at this job.


The Words


Words can be mind-bending, words can be sincere

They help you through the pain and fear.

Sometimes they leave scars that hurt like hell,

Even if they sound like the most beautiful spell…


Words make you stronger, or bring you down to your knees,

They can be a cure, a promise or a tease.

They can be your paradise, or a dream coming true,

They can be the keys to the closed doors,

Or create another obstacle to go through…


But sometimes they are just words,

Flying across the world like migrant birds.

Staying here and there,

And leaving again when people don’t care


About what they do or what they say.

About the meaning they put into pray,

About the feelings they leave behind,

About thoughts crossing their blurred mind.


A few lines written in a new script,

A few chapters that left someone’s heart ripped.

A few moments to have a look,

But you never get to the end of this book.



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