Bound (Jasper Crane #1) by Jodie M Chalker

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March 10, 2015 by ceresbooksworld





The story is a Young Adult novel told by Olivia and Haydon who are the most important characters. They are twins and their father sends them to Jasper Crane with their uncle, aunt and cousin. Some things happen and they will have to protect each other’s.

The characters are real, like all seventeen years old teenagers they are impulsive. Olivia is like me when I was young; she’s shy and has three real friends, Sam, Matisha and Aaron. She always let other girls being bitches with her; she doesn’t know how to defend herself and doesn’t love that. It was really me when I was young; girls can be awful sometimes and even more when you haven’t got a brother to protect you. Haydon is the sport boy, the one who like girls and they love him back. He is over protective with his sister, she’s his only family.

Some events are predictable and logical, this first book set up the characters and the story. This one is good, there are a lot of characters and they are important in the story. It’s not just Olivia and Haydon; it’s also Aaron, Josh, Ashton, Will and Stephanie.

I like Haydon, Will, Olivia and Aaron, we aren’t seeing Will enough for me but I like him. I like the relation between Haydon and Olivia, they have a real bond and they love and protect each’s others. The attraction between Olivia and Aaron is very real and I love them together. They are best friends forever. The relation between Haydon and Aaron is tense but they will do everything to protect Olivia. I have a trust problem with two people, one girl and one boy, since the beginning. Some things are weird and I can’t wait to read the second book. I just want to know why ?How ? and Who ?

So much questions without answers…

I like the world of Jasper Crane with its knights, and curse. The atmosphere is a little creepy sometimes and I love that. And the end bring a lot of questions !!!!

Jodie has written a great book with interesting characters, some that you’ll love, others than you’ll want to hit badly and others you’ll simply hate or want to hug. The style is simple and fluid, he is very fast read and it’s considerable.

I like the part before the end because it’s an important one and all the characters are together for a reason. Jodie, it rocks! So have faith in you and don’t make me wait to long for the next book.

As I already said it I am more than ready for book two.

If you like witches, wolf, knight and curse you must read this book because it’s awesome and you’ll enjoy it.

I received an arc in exchange for an honest review and this is it.



About the author

J.M Chalker was born in Sydney, Australia, and lived there with family until she was eighteen years old. She moved to Queensland in 1999 and now lives with her partner, Walter Jarvis, and her six month old Sam. When on her mini mum breaks she loves to read paranormal young adult or light romance. She is passionate about books and decided to give writing a go. She also loves blogging about books. When not reading or writing, she loves sitting back and watching TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and The 100 (by the way you’re late in this last one….)




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