The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

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April 14, 2015 by ceresbooksworld

sin eater




I am the perfect weapon.
I kill with a single touch.
Twylla is blessed. The Gods have chosen her to marry a prince, and rule the kingdom. But the favour of the Gods has it’s price. A deadly poison infuses her skin. Those who anger the queen must die under Twylla’s fatal touch.
Only Lief, an outspoken new guard, can see past Twylla’s chilling role to the girls she truly is.
Yet in a court as dangerous and the queen’s, some truths should not be told…



It’s an original story with good characters, great description and a good plot. It’s about a girl who wants the opportunity to have a choice to be whom she wants and not who her mother wants, who she’s born to be.

Twylla should have been the next Sin Eater’s but a choice was proposed to her, married the Prince and be the daughter of Gods. She is a young girl who wants love, she’s naïve and everybody is afraid of her. She hasn’t got a real life, she’s poisoned and her touch is fatal. She feels lonely, so when a new guard comes to her, she let him in.

Lief is a nice guy, he’s protective, smart but sometimes impertinent. His relation with Twylla evolves nicely and slowly, they learn to know each other and trust each other.

The queen makes me want to go in the book and hit her, she’s not good, not kind and she’s an evil witch. Yes I don’t like her.

Merek is a good guy, he’s doing the best he can to know Twylla and even if their relation is an obligation, he finds a way to let his heart like her. He’s smart and I think he will be an important character in the second book.

Some things of the story was unpredictable to me, I was surprised in a good way. The end is just “OMG what this is the end but WHO is here? “  I have an idea but I want the next book, just to be sure.

Melinda Salisbury makes us go deeply in her world, the story is great and there are all sorts of characters, the one you love, the one you hate and the one you want to protect. She describes very well the scene and characters.



About the author


Melinda Salisbury lives by the sea, somewhere in the south of England. As a child she genuinely thought Roald  Dahl’s Matilda was her biography, in part helped by her grandfather often mistakenly calling her Matilda, and  the local library having a pretty cavalier attitude to the books she borrowed. Sadly she never manifested  telekinetic powers. She likes to travel, and have adventures. She also likes medieval castles, non-medieval  aquariums, Richard III, and all things Scandinavian The Sin Eater’s Daughter is her first novel. She can be  found on Twitter at @AHintofMystery, though be warned, she tweets often.


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