Infernal Ice by Joceline Farrah

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May 30, 2015 by ceresbooksworld

B-Infernal Ice



Beneath the sun kissed skies and the glamour of South Beach, Stygians and mortals co-exist under an uneasy alliance. Governed by strict rules known as Stygian protocol, they live by one most sacred and cardinal rule: Never comingle with mortals.

Grief stricken, caseworker Jessa Belle Jones loses herself in her job, after the love of her life, Scott Dempsey disappears without a trace. When her father announces her betrothal to Abbadon, the General of the Stygian Armies, Jessa-Belle turns to Havah, the Tinseller to thwart her father’s plan by finding her own Stygian noble to marry.

Wrought with vengeance, Stygian Raum Corvus, searches Miami Beach for retribution against the dark mage who took everything he’d cherished.

But when destiny links Raum’s path to Jessa’s plight, will fate keep them together or will Stygian conventions rip them apart?



I took some time to go totally into the story mainly because of narrator’s changes which are not rather perceptible in my taste. My copy of Infernal Ice was provided by the Author and I don’t know if it’s finalized but it had some punctuation and misprints errors. So at first I was afraid but the characters are great, the story is very nice and the cover is gorgeous.

Jessa-Belle is a young half blood, she lost the man that she loved and has difficulty in recovering, she doesn’t believe in his death but thinks rather that he disappeared. She’s working on the case of Aida, a young girl with problems. Jessa-Belle’s father, Mephisto, wants to marry her but only Abbadon is asking her hand and she doesn’t want him.

Raum is an important person in Sheol, his mother was murdered by Nayve Malus, his once best friend and his father was transformed into Djinn by the same Nayve. He was forced to take refuge in the mortal kingdom with his sister. But know he wants to defeat Nayve and marry Jessa-Belle.

The attraction between Raum and Jessa is intense, Raum is hot and sexy, I love the way he talks and he’s overprotective with Jessa. I like his relation with Sadique and I think it’s a smart guy who wants to love his soul mate, his sister and before he can do that, he must kill Nayve.

The story is interesting and the author has a great imagination. It’s a good reading with a lot of actions, hot sex scenes, a little suspense but no mystery.

I want this book on paperback, the cover is absolutely gorgeous.



About the Author

Joceline Farrah is an avid reader of all of things paranormal. She draws inspiration for her stories from her own hometown magic city Miami Beach, FL. With pen to paper, she creates worlds where beings are as magical as the realms they inhabit.When she isn’t plotting new ideas for a novel or crocheting, she enjoys a good game of Chess and a nice cup of Chai tea.

You can find her here

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