Making Waves with The Waterwitch Babes #1


September 17, 2015 by ceresbooksworld

Making waves


The Waterwitch Babes have think of a fun weekly meme and this is it so welcome on the first Making Waves with The Waterwitch Babes.

Making Waves is a weekly question feature created by the Waterwitch Babes (part of Susan Dennard’s Truthwitch Street Team).  Every Thursday, we’ll have a fun question that all are welcome to answer on their blog.  Anyone can join! The questions will be random and/or relate to the upcoming book Truthwitch by Susan Dennard.  A linky is provided so that everyone can link up their post and participate in the fun!


To participate, we do ask that you use the Making Waves banner in your post and link back to the Waterwitch Babes blog.


The question this week is : Why do you think water is an important element?


Water is important because it’s life, you can live without food but you CAN’T live without Water.


Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and it’s vital for all known forms of life.


Water can stop Fire and save forest.


I would love to go in Iceland one day just to have the chance to swim in Outdoor hot source. It is a perfect vision for me, to be in the water while being outside by looking at mountains


I love to seat in the beach or the pool with a good book. It’s peaceful.


In water you can swim with dolphin and I would love to do that one day but even more swim with shark, I like them. You can see turtles and beautiful, colorful  fish.

dophin fish fish2 shark turtle

I also love a good pirates story, it’s always entertaining. How can you not love water when you can find Merik on a ship, or Jack Sparrow.

jack sparrow merik

Finally I love water even more since I’m in the Truthwitch Water clan also known as The Waterwitch Babes because all the girls are amazing, smart and very creative.


Now let’s think about Next week’s question: Which Truthwitch character would you love to have as a best friend?


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5 thoughts on “Making Waves with The Waterwitch Babes #1

  1. Candid Cover says:

    These are amazing reasons to appreciate an important resource in our environment! I would love to visit Iceland someday, too! 🙂

  2. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy says:

    Wow gorgeous selection of photos Carine! (And I’m not just focusing on Johnny Depp lol) I would love to swim with dolphins (um after I learn how to swim though!), but sharks! Wow, unfortunately, I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to them. 🙂

  3. katrinabookishthings says:

    Jack Sparrow is always a good reason to keep your eye on the seas. ❤ I've been fascinated by sharks since I saw Jaws as a kid. There are so many awesome creatures in the water!

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