Making Waves with The Waterwitch Babes (#2)


September 24, 2015 by ceresbooksworld

Making waves


The Waterwitch Babes have think of a fun weekly meme and this is it so welcome on the first Making Waves with The Waterwitch Babes.

Making Waves is a weekly question feature created by the Waterwitch Babes (part of Susan Dennard’s Truthwitch Street Team).  Every Thursday, we’ll have a fun question that all are welcome to answer on their blog.  Anyone can join! The questions will be random and/or relate to the upcoming book Truthwitch by Susan Dennard.  A linky is provided so that everyone can link up their post and participate in the fun!

To participate, we do ask that you use the Making Waves banner in your post and link back to the Waterwitch Babes blog.


The question this week is : Which Truthwitch character would you love to have as a best friend ?

I have only read the sample but I would love to have Iseult has a best friend, she seems very nice and I trust her. She’s so cool and smart, I like her relation with Safiya and I like how she’s able to understand things about Aeduan.

I would love to save the world with her, she will be training me of course and we will have nice talk about boys, magic and weapons.

Iseult iseult 2


(Pics came from Susan Dennard’s Pinterest)


Now let’s think about Next week’s question: Which clan would you like to belong to? (If you are already in a clan, choose a different one!)



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4 thoughts on “Making Waves with The Waterwitch Babes (#2)

  1. I love Iseult’s logical calm thinking, too! But I’d definitely choose Safi as my best friend :-)!

  2. Candid Cover says:

    Iseult does sound like a really wonderful character! I found it hard to choose between her and Safiya. So excited to read this book!!!

  3. katrinabookishthings says:

    I have a feeling Iseult would try to keep me out of trouble. 😛

  4. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy says:

    Yay another Iseult pick! I was thinking you’d say Aeduan, but I guess you wouldn’t want to be just friends huh? LOL I totally agree with you that Iseult would be a great bestie!

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