Making Waves Reading Challenge


October 7, 2015 by ceresbooksworld






As explain on the Making Waves of this week, The Waterwitch Babes are hosting a Making Waves reading Challenge, so let it begin.


The challenge starts today, October 8th, and ends January 5th (the day Truthwitch is released!).

For the challenge we are asking participants to read any books that can be related to the elements.  For example, there is an elemental name in the title, or the story itself can be linked to an element as outlined below:  


Water:  a book about pirates or mermaids

Fire: a romance or passionate, dramatic story

Air: a book about angels or dragons

Aether: paranormal reads

Void: a murder mystery, or novel with insanity and blood

Earth: a book with farming or with strong links to the land


Obviously there are a lot of books that can be open to interpretation (part of the fun is trying to fit a book into an element!)  If you need more ideas, you can check out what books are recommended in this week’s Making Waves meme.  Or perhaps some books in your TBR will fit the bill!


To make it easier for participants because we all have busy schedules, and Nanowrimo is coming up, we have different levels of participation (one element = one level).  Pick whichever level you feel you can accomplish before January 5th.



Read 1 to 2 books

The most practical guesstimate of how many books you feel you can read for this challenge!



Read 3 to 4 books

Clearly you are making waves in your reading schedule, and the Waterwitch Babes are especially proud of you!



Read 5 to 6 books

You are literally taking off, this is a stellar amount of books to read for this challenge!



Read 7 to 8 books

Your fiery passion for reading is most evident!



Read 9 to 10  books

It is truly sublime how dedicated a reader you are!



Read 11 or more books

This is the highest level, there is no going back.  


As I’m the one who had this wonderful idea, I’m going for the VOID level and I will rock this level. 

You will find all the book I’ve read for this challenge on my blog.


Have fun with us and go on the link to participate.

2 thoughts on “Making Waves Reading Challenge

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