Forever With You by Jennifer L Armentrout

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November 13, 2015 by ceresbooksworld

F- Forever With You



In the irresistibly sexy series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout, two free spirits find their lives changed by a one-night stand…

Some things you just believe in, even if you’ve never experienced them. For Stephanie, that list includes love. It’s out there. Somewhere. Eventually. Meanwhile she’s got her job at the mixed martial arts training center and hot flings with gorgeous, temporary guys like Nick. Then a secret brings them closer, opening Steph’s eyes to a future she never knew she wanted—until tragedy rips it away.

Nick’s self-assured surface shields a past no one needs to know about. His mind-blowing connection with Steph changes all that. As fast as he’s knocking down the walls that have kept him commitment-free, she’s building them up again, determined to keep the hurt—and Nick—out. But he can’t walk away. Not when she’s the only one who’s ever made him wish for forever . . .



This book is the story of Stephanie, you already see her in Wait for you and Be with me.

I did not expect to like Stephanie’s story because she was a bitch in the other books but finally she turns out to be a very interesting person. She took a job in the same city as Jax and Calla and find herself flirting with Nick, Mona’s barman. I love Stephanie, she’s independent, strong, doesn’t let men talk about her and she has a sweet personality when she wants. She wants to find the big love but doesn’t hesitate to have sex with men. She likes her job, Roxy and Katie are nice with her.

Nick is hot and very nice, he’s a playboy but he isn’t afraid of responsibilities. I love him a lot, I like the fact that he takes care of his family, and he’s a good guy. He doesn’t know how to express his feelings and there is a lot of confusion.

I like the interaction between Roxy, Katie and Stephanie, they are full of joy and happiness. Stephanie and Nick are really cute together, they are very interesting, a lot of hot sex is present. I also like to see all the old characters of Wait for You, Be with Me, Stay with Me and Fall with Me, they are all here, Cam and Avery, Teresa and Jace, Calla and Jax, Roxy and Reece and Katie.

I wasn’t surprise with the plot but it’s not what I asked, I wanted a good story and this was one. I don’t know if Katie will have a story but I hope because she’s quite a girl and I would love to see a man trying to conquer her.

Jennifer L Armentrout is a great author, I can’t say that Nick and Stephanie are before Jax and Calla in my heart but they aren’t too far behind, near Cameron and Avery. It was a very fast reading and I love this series so much.

It’s a story of love and future without promises.






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