Crown of Smoke by Snowa Fox


December 4, 2015 by ceresbooksworld

G-Crown of Smoke



A Life Bound
A Destiny Revealed
A Vengeance Unleashed

Dream Guardian, Vaughn Khale is on the brink
of gaining his redemption to claim the demon crown of Lucidity,
when his world is set ablaze.

Deception fractures his life of duty and honor,
altering his younger brother’s fate forever.

Pragmatic. Archeology student. Angel Marked.

Lila Vanderhook leads a normal 22 year old life,
until her nightmares attack her in the flesh.

Her brush with an ancient relic has ancient demons hunting her
and she must flee to save herself.

The decision has grave consequences for her guardian,
revealing a destiny neither of them are prepared for.



The story is about a human girl who is Angel-Marked and her Dream Guardian who must protect her and save his kingdom in the same time. It’s a story about duty, love and revenge. It’s about duty because Vaughn was told by an Angel to protect Lila a long time ago. It’s also duty because in the same time he must protect his kingdom from demons. Love between Lila and Vaughn or other kind of love between Vaughn and Neo or Vaughn and his family or Lila and her Nona. Revenge because the bad guys always want revenge.

Vaughn is a dream guardian and his father is the king of Lucidity, the dream guardian’s realm. As a demon he must gain his redemption to claim the crown of his realm after his father. Guards of the realm are murdered and Vaughn must find who his behind these attacks. In the same time, he must protect Lila; he likes her since she’s a young woman. And he must help his brother to find a place in this world. I love Vaughn; he’s a good man and will be a great king one day. He loves Lila but never force her, he always let her choose and I like that.

Lila is an archeology student; she loves her job, find artefacts. She lost her brother and since then she feels the presence of a man in her dreams, a man who protect and appease her. One night her life changes and she will have to take decisions which could change her life. She’s a very great character; she’s strong even if her past hurt her. She can take decision that changes her life in a good or bad way and her relation with Vaughn is really sweet.

Neo and Cyprian are Vaughn’s friends, they help him to protect Lucidity and find the culprit. I really like Neo, he’s smart and I have a thing for him. Cyprian is cool too, he loves red haired girl and it’s funny.

Aristan is the angel who marked Lila and tells Vaughn she’s his duty. He’s nice but I don’t like him in the end. You’ll know why when you’ll read the book.

There are a lot of other characters like Coda, Violet, Ritter and Silvey. Some are great and other not so much. I like Violet, she’s great and kind.

The story is breathtaking, the characters and their feelings are outstandingly described well. It’s the first book of Snowa Fox and it’s a good job. It’s a real fantasy book with action, a little of romance and a lot of fantasy. You’ll fall in love with Lila, Vaughn, Neo, Violet, Cyprian… Crown of Smoke is well written with a lot of humor and you will not be bored.

I know that this book is not released yet but I want the next one, the end is a little cliffhanger without being one. You want to know the suite and know what will happen to Lila, Vaughn and the others.

One more thing, the cover, she’s gorgeous and made by the wonderful Jennifer Munswami.

It’s a stunning first debut novel for Snowa Fox. Well done girl!




About the author

Mythology enthusiast and
Reece’s Pieces lover, Indie Author Snowa Fox is a native of Nashville, TN. She is happily married to a sweetheart of a guy who supports her dreams. She is the mother to four pre-teen children and one furry baby named Harley who is a chihuahua and min-pin mix. She loves unique jewelry, painting, iced coffee and anything fantasy related.
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2 thoughts on “Crown of Smoke by Snowa Fox

  1. Lekeisha says:

    Beautiful cover! Looks like my type of book.

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