Truthwitch Read-Along: Discussion Four


February 26, 2016 by ceresbooksworld

Truthwitch readalong



This is the last discussion post, don’t forget to put your link on all the giveaway hosted by the waterwitch babes and don’t forget the twitter Chat February 28th at 10AM EST #TWReadalong.

There are spoilers in this discussion.

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Week Four Discussion
  • What do you think of Leopold now that the book is finished? Do you think we will see him again?

At first I haven’t a good opinion on Leopold, because as Safiya’s friend he made some poor choices but in the end he is better. I hope that we will see him more in the next book because he deserves to be known.

  • What are your thoughts about Iseult and the Puppeteer? What do you think could happen in the next book for them?

I’m very intrigued by Iseult and the Puppeteer, their relation is weird and the revelation in the end is very exciting. I think the Puppeteer will meet Iseult for real and maybe try to convince her and take her in his side. I can see bad thing happening to Iseult but I hope I’m wrong.

  • What do you think of what happened in the end with Kullen, or with Safiya?

The end was so awful for Kullen, he didn’t deserve what happened to him and I’m so sad for Merik and Rhyber. But I like that an author is capable of doing what Susan Dennard had do, it’s painful but it’s necessary sometimes.

As for Safiya, I think it was an act of bravery and it was not selfish for once but the next book promise to be very difficult for her.

  • Tell me five words to describe Truthwitch?

Addictive, Magical, Epic, Stunning and Swoon-worthy

  • Character Spotlight: Aeduan / As you know I love Aeduan, what do you think of him? Do you think he will change his plan now that he knows the truth? “Mhe verujta” means trust me as if my soul were yours. I like this quote. Do you think that Iseult could trust Aeduan?

aeduan outcome

It’s not a secret, I love Aeduan, I don’t know why, but since the beginning of the book I knew that he would be an important character. I hope that he will change his plan, knowing who Safiya and Iseult are because I don’t want something terrible to happen to Iseult. Yes after reading the book, I think that Iseult could trust Aeduan and I hope for a lot more.


It was very nice to this Read-Along with you and I’m impatient to read the next book.

3 thoughts on “Truthwitch Read-Along: Discussion Four

  1. Candid Cover says:

    I love your five words to describe Truthwitch! Very on point! 🙂

  2. NicoleLynn says:

    I’m hoping Aeduan changes his mind too! I really liked him as a character by the end of the book 🙂

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