Arc Review – Shattered by Diana Nixon


August 4, 2016 by ceresbooksworld

A - Shattered


Shattered by Diana Nixon

Book one in Shattered series

Publisher : Self Published

Publication Date : February 12th, 2016

Source : eArc from the Author

Rating : 4,5Hearts



Synopsis (from goodreads)

It was love at first sight; a story that was supposed to last forever. A young heart that had never known true love, and a lonely soul seeking something real. I was that soul, and Elizabeth Brown was my beautiful heart, innocent and full of lawless passion. She made me believe that love can change anything. And it did change me… It broke me, it shattered me.

The betrayal that I never saw coming, was like a dagger straight through my heart. In the blink of an eye, my love was replaced by endless hate and pain that I thought I would never be able to forget.

But who would have thought that even bleeding hearts can love? Who would have believed that in eyes with no hope, a new fire can start burning?

“I will make her fall for me again. And then, I will ruin her, just like she ruined me…”


This book is the story of Kameron and Elisabeth, the story begins with the prologue and continues in the past, four years ago to finish in the present. The story is told by Kameron and Elisabeth.

Kameron is back in his father house for summer break, it is love at first sight when he sees Elisabeth, his brother’s girlfriend. Their relation begins with a fight and is tempestuous.

Kameron is a nice guy, he’s smart and he loves his father and his mother, but he has absolutely no love for Shelby his step mother and Kolby his brother. He’s very attracted by Elisabeth, she’s younger than him and sadly she’s with his brother. Kameron will fight for her and their relation is full of sexual tension in the beginning. One incident broke their couple and they are seeing each other four years later. A lot of things have change in this period but their love is always here.

Elisabeth is young and naïve, her relation with Kolby is not a good relation, she’s not in love and he is not a good guy at all.

The first part of the book was absolutely fantastic; Diana had done a very good job to build a good relation between Kameron and Elisabeth. I like the fun and the dialog between them, they are so beautiful together.

The second part was good but the relation between Kameron and Elisabeth is filled with hatred and with love at the same time. I don’t like Elisabeth reaction in this part, she’s hurt yes but she doesn’t want to talk, I don’t say that Kameron is perfect, I’m just saying when you’re seeing something it’s hard to believe the contrary even if it’s your girlfriend who say them. I have problem with her reaction when she learn the truth, I won’t tell more because you need to read the book but in the end all is good for the better.

Diana Nixon is a fabulous author with an endless imagination, she’s creating various story in many genre. Shattered is a love story with its ups and down, I’m recommending it to all the people who loves romance and boy who are perfectly protective and kind.

About the author

Diana Nixon, an International Bestselling Author of contemporary and paranormal romances, is a woman of contradictions.  She was born in Minsk. She has a Master of Law degree and speaks several foreign languages, including English, Polish and  Spanish. Diana’s writing career is like a roller coaster ride. It started with a fantasy novel named Love Lines, that was originally  written in Russian and only later, it was translated into English.

Since then, she has published 12 more books, both contemporary and fantasy genres.

Diana Nixon is the founder of Inks and Scratches, a literary magazine intended to help authors of all genres find their readers  and spread the news about their writing all over the world.

Inks & Scratches 

Diana Nixon official page


One thought on “Arc Review – Shattered by Diana Nixon

  1. Great review this one really looks and sounds absolutely amazing, I might have too check it out one day. Thank you for your awesome post.

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