Review – Academia of the beast by K.N Lee


September 4, 2016 by ceresbooksworld

Academia of the beast


Academia of the beast by K.N Lee


Publisher: Patchwork Press

Publication date: August 22nd, 2016

Source: ebook from the author

Rating: 4 hearts




What if the beauty was the mortal enemy of the beast?

Raised in fear of her power.
Sold and betrayed by her lover.
Allyn escaped the hunters once before. As a witch, she risks capture every day. Now, she lives in the slums of the opulent kingdom of Elastria, where the Winter Winds are brutal,and force everyone into their homes for the entire season. When one of her best friends receives an invitation to the end of season Winter Ball, Allyn would rather sulk about her boyfriend leaving her instead of partying at the most exclusive club in the kingdom.

A chance encounter with the crown prince of Elastria sparks hope for a brighter future, one where she might find true love. All hopes are dashed when she’s tricked by her ex-boyfriend and turned in for the bounty on her head.

Now, a prisoner in an eerie castle where the servants are…peculiar, the walls whisper, and the prince’s mysterious twin brother struggles with the decision to keep or kill the witch he’s hunted and once lost, Allyn struggles with the desire to tame the beast within the prince, or escape to freedom.

The curse of the castle is strong. But, the magic hiding inside Allyn might be more powerful than she or the prince realized.

Discover an enchanted world of witches and a cursed prince in this dark modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast by New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee.
**WARNING: Contains explicit adult situations and dark imagery not suitable for children**


This book is a retelling of Beauty and the beast, it’s short and nice probably even too short because I like the story and I wanted to read more about the characters.

There are two cursed boys and a witch, a family who hunt witches and kill them, and a boy who is a traitor.

I enjoyed the romance between Conall and Allyn and I also like the creation of the relation between Allyn and Lennox. I knew what will happen very fast in the book, this wasn’t a surprise at all.

I was disappointed because the first part was slow and that was great because we had time to know Allyn and Conall, sadly the second part was fast and I would have wanted to learn more things about Lennox. The fact that the book is short doesn’t give a lot of deepness in the characters but the story is really great and the writing is good.

Academia of the beast is an entertaining book and if you like K.N Lee’s other book, you will like this one too.

About the author

K.N. Lee is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not writing twisted tales, fantasy novels, and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and promotes other authors. Wannabe rockstar, foreign language enthusiast, and anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys helping others reach their writing and publishing goals. She is a winner of the Elevate Lifestyle Top 30 Under 30 “Future Leaders of Charlotte” award for her success as a writer, business owner, and for community service.

She is signed with Captive Quill Press and Patchwork Press.

K.N. Lee loves hearing from fans and readers. Connect with her! (less)



2 thoughts on “Review – Academia of the beast by K.N Lee

  1. Ohh great review I really do like dark retellings and this one really looks and sounds absolutely fantastic and right up my alley. Thank you for the awesome post.

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