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September 13, 2016 by ceresbooksworld

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Kendrick by A.D Ellis

Book four in the Torey Hope, The Later Years

Publisher: A.D Ellis Publishing

Publication Date: February 29th, 2016

Source: ebook for Inks and Scratches

Rating: 4 Hearts




Spunky and independent, Jay Keller only wants to have fun, having long ago decided that love is reserved for people living fairy tale lives.
Kendrick Jordan is a sarcastic, inappropriate smartass whose sense of humor, intense love of family, and serial dating habits enable him to mask his painful past.
Through a chance encounter, Jay gives Kendrick a chance to satisfy his curiosity with no strings attached. But when Kendrick’s past catches up with him and Jay is dealt a life-altering blow, they find themselves turning to each other for support.
After a traumatic accident threatens their new-found love, Jay and Kendrick must decide if their relationship is worth the terrifying and painful journey they now face.
**Kendrick and Jay’s story is meant for ages 18+ due to adult themes, language, and situations. Sensitive readers should be warned of possible triggers in the storyline.**


I like this book, there isn’t surprise for me at a certain point, I was sure of what will happen and I was right. It’s not a bad thing and it deprives nothing of the story.

I like Kendrick, he has some issue with his past but he’s a brave man and his family is great. His cousins forced him to talk about his problem and to go see a therapist. He speak to him very quickly and his problems are solved or in good way of being solved very soon. He meets Jay in an intriguing situation; it’s very impressive in which speed he becomes attached to her. I know that it’s related to his past but I find that hard to believe, men aren’t like that or at least not a lot of men.

I like Jay too, she’s broken because of her parents and she doesn’t want any affection or relation. Until, she finds herself in a difficult situation, Kendrick is here for her and his family too. Like I said earlier, I think that Kendrick reaction is very quick and Jay finds it hard to believe too. She is a great woman; she has a job and lives her life when she wants now.

Kendrick’s cousins are great, they have books for themselves and even if I haven’t read them I could totally attached myself to them. They are a good team together; they’re helping each other, even if they must force people to listen to them.

This book is full of ups and downs for Jay and Kendrick, fortunately for them, Kendrick’s family is here and they are a great force. This book is a story about broken people, family bond and pain, physical or emotional.

I like the fact that the author doesn’t hesitate to let her characters suffer before giving them what they want. Life is not easy but for the people in Torey Hope, life is very hard. After reading this book, the only thing I can think is that I’m happy in my life, I have no problem or at least not that bad.

This book is a rollercoaster for feelings; your heart will suffer, rise and shine with this beautiful story of bleeding hearts.

About the author

Award-winning author of A Torey Hope Novel Series and Torey Hope: The Later Years. Her debut novel, For Nicky, was voted #3 in the Top 50 Best Indie Books of 2014!Loving Josie was awarded the bronze medal in the prestigious Readers’ Favorite 2015 International Book Awards.

She’s a 30ish wife, mother of two, inner city alternative school teacher, and now an independent author. She loves to read and she loves to write. She lives in Indiana and has her entire life. She enjoys thrift shopping; can’t beat a good deal! She loves Fall and Spring, pizza, Mexican, and chocolate!


Amazon – Goodreads


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