Review – End of the line by Ottilie Weber

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October 16, 2016 by ceresbooksworld

B - End of the line


End of the line by Ottilie Weber

Book one in End of the line series

Publisher: Self Published

Publication Date: June 2016

Source: eBook from Inks and Scratches Magazine

Rating: 4 hearts



Asteroids came crushing down at Earth at unbelievable speeds, killing off most of the world as a group of six children ranging from six to seventeen stick together to survive led by Lauren and Aaron. Even though the two didn’t know each other at school they stay together to find food, shelter, and cover from Dean Manson, a free man from prison who seeks revenge on Aaron. As the two try to stay alive, and hide from this powerful man, many things come their way, starvation, illness and even falling in love with each other as the two try their best to deny it. It is when Dean Manson finally figures out how to get back at Aaron is their emotions finally clear.


A meteorite broke the sky and destroy a lot of city, it kills people too.
Lauren is at her home with her little brother and three other kids. All the parents are now dead and she will find help in Aaron. They will began a journey full of events and not always good people.

Lauren is a good kid, she is smart and she is like a mother for all the others kids. She took care of everyone and I don’t really know how I feel about what happens to her. That’s awful but The author overflies this event in 30 seconds and the characters are not even affected or at least it is what I felt. It’s goos that Lauren doesn’t feel bad but I think that a little more time on her emotions would have been great. Except for this moment, Lauren became stronger during the story, she tooks some hard decisions but she always think about other people.
Aaron is, I don’t know, I like him but I can’t say that he is a good guy because he’s helping Lauren and her friends but fly away a lot of time because of his feelings. Their story is complicated and teenager shouldn’t have this kind of decisions to take. He is smart and even if it’s because of him that’s everyone is in danger, he will do his best to protect them. Without him they wouldn’t be alive for so long.
The bad guy in the story is really bad, the situation is a world-ending and it profite to him. He wants to become the master of the city.
I like the story even if I would have wanted more defined characters or at least knowing some of their feelings other than love attraction.
Ottilie Weber has a very good writing style, the story can be read fast. The characters can be charming. I like very much the passage where they take advantage of a moment of happiness with the children and the lake.
I don’t know if there will be another book in the series but I would love to see one because the end is an end but the problems aren’t all solved.
I had a good time reading this book and I discovered a new author who deserves to be known.

About the author

Ottilie Weber grew up in Wall, New Jersey, not far from the beach. She always has a book in her hands or nearby, despite her dyslexia. She graduated from The College of New Jersey, earning a degree in History Secondary Education then earned her special education certificate. She now has left New Jersey and teaches in Virginia. Ottilie has a passion for writing, where she is always ready to take on the next project. Her family and close friends are there to help her take on the bumps or potholes in the road.


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