Arc review – The traitor’s crux by Jessica Prather

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November 7, 2017 by ceresbooksworld


The traitor’s crux by Jessica Prather

Book one in The Dark Powers trilogy

Publisher: OfTomes Publishing

Publication date: November 14th, 2017

Source: eArc from the publisher

Rating: 4 hearts



Synopsis (from GR)

In a country ravaged by years of war, plague, and death, witches and wizards are blamed for the state of the world and hunted by the U.S. government. Kenadee Coria was only a young girl when her brother was taken prisoner for having magical powers.

Now sixteen years old, Kenadee discovers she too has magical powers and must face the facts: the government is watching, and they have plans for her. She’s given a deadly mission and an impossible ultimatum: the lives of a hidden group of magic refugees, or the safe return of her long-lost brother.


Kenadee saw her father get killed, her brother get kidnapped, and since then with her mother they have been treated as plague victims. Only one family helped them and this one has just been murdered because they too had magical powers.

Kenadee finds herself faced with a choice; she must infiltrate a group of refugees with magical powers and deliver them to the president if she wants to see her living brother again.

The president has also just told her that she had magical powers and that she was special.

The subject is interesting, it deals with discrimination, the president who doesn’t have powers use the people who have and on whom he can have power by blackmail them, to kill the rest of the population with powers that hides.

I will start by talking about Kenadee, very frankly I wanted to hit her very often, she annoyed me to the highest point. She has to make a choice, save several lives or save only one, so yes we talk about her brother’s life but does she really think that the president will release him? I can understand that she makes this choice at first, but when she arrives in the group, she becomes friends with Tess, Delia and Bryce, and they trust her. The only one not to trust her is Harlow, and for good reason, the latter has already been kidnapped several times by the president, he wants to get Harlow at any cost because her powers are very strong. With all these people she’s learning to know, she’s still ready to sacrifice them for her brother whom she has not seen for 9 years, there are children among them. In short, I didn’t like Kenadee and I really hope that she will catch up in the next book because the story has enormous potential.

Harlow is powerful, she trusts only a few people, which is understandable given what happened to her. When Kenadee arrives she’s the only one not to trust her, she will try to convince her that the president doesn’t keep his word and that even though he’s against her, nobody will be saved.

Bryce is the nice boy for who will inevitably crack Kenadee, he’s adorable and understanding but even he has his limits. Their relationship will be severely tested and I don’t know if they will recover.

The president is an asshole, he has no power but he doesn’t hesitate to use the people who have to kill those who hide. This man is a bad man who rides the country against some of his people. He doesn’t hesitate to use despicable techniques.

I liked this story but the fact that I don’t hang with Kenadee prevents me from putting a 5 heart, it’s the kind of person to sacrifice and betray everyone without thinking about the consequences and I have trouble with this kind of reaction.

The world is interesting, the fact that people with magical powers are hunted down by the president, who even tells lies to the people so that the latter hates them a bit like what is happening in the world today.

The end of the book is great, I cannot wait to find out what’s going to happen, how they’re going to get by, and I’ve got lots of other questions I’m waiting for.

I will read the second book with pleasure to see if Kenadee is still so annoying or if she has finally realized that in life you have to fight to save people and not trust anyone.

Quick word: An interesting story with magic.

About the author

Jessica Prather is the author of the debut series, The Traitor’s Crux, coming out November 14th, 2017. She grew up in the small town of Craig, Colorado, which was only known for its hunting, horrible winters, and the ski resort about 45 minutes away. Growing up, Jessica spent her time immersed in reading, filling up notebooks with bad fiction, and enjoying the outdoors! She currently lives in Utah with her very large, very sassy German Shepherd/Lab mix named Avery.





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