Arc review – Where we ended by Nora Flite

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March 23, 2018 by ceresbooksworld


Where we ended by Nora Flite

Book two in Where we began duet

Publisher: Self-Published

Publication date: March 20th, 2018

Source: eArc from the author

Rating: 4 hearts




Laiken has finally heard the dark rumors about me.
Everyone who hears runs away. But she can’t.
She’s trapped here, in my house—with me.
Each minute we’re together I’m driven to swallow her up. To see if the electricity that moves between us will grow or vanish. I thought we were falling in love. Now, I’m sure that she hates my very existence.
But when she glares at me… I see a flicker of desire in her blue eyes. The way she fixates on my mouth reminds me of how filthy we’ve been.
How filthy we could be.
My father has warned me to stay away from her. He knows she’s become my weakness. All my life, I just wanted to be the perfect soldier for him. To do everything he asked so he’d be proud.
I thought I could.
Laiken is doing her best to prove me wrong.


We find Leika who now knows the truth about Dominic, she has a hard time believing and especially she cannot help being attracted to him. She will become aware in this volume that her reunion with Kara are quite complex. The latter doesn’t support Dominic and wants at all costs that her sister stays away from him. She will also realize that she is only a pawn in Dominic’s family.

I love the faith that Leika had in Dominic, it can seem strange to be so sure of itself when thinking about it, because she doesn’t really know him but deep down as he has already saved her once she knows that he doesn’t want her any harm. I like her to be a strong girl anyway, she doesn’t let herself be, and yet I felt the drama coming but finally no. She is slowly getting closer to her sister and we discover that everything that happened in their lives made them grow too fast.

Dominic, meanwhile, learned that life was not easy and that his parents would never be easily impressed, whatever he could do. He is content to be there for Laiken and protect her as much as he can. His secret now being discovered, I was a little afraid that he will moving away from Laika for her good, but not at all. He is always present for her and with her, he protects her from his parents as he can but also from the outside world. What I appreciated was that he realized that he had a part to play in the fact that Laika was still a prisoner.

I really enjoyed the story told by Nora Flite, it was a little strange at first to see that people could really be so mean and especially to see that parents could abandon their child like that. I loved the passion and attachment between Laika and Dominic, they both feel betrayed by their family and they cling to each other. It’s touching to see them together and the end made me cry like never before.

Quick word : A perfect duet full of love and intensity.

About the author

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A USA Today Bestselling Author, Nora Flite lives in SoCal where the weather is warm and she doesn’t have to shovel snow—something she never grew to love in her tiny home-state of Rhode Island.
All of her romances involve passionate, filthy, and slightly obsessive heroes—because those are clearly the best kind! She’s always been a writer, and you’ll probably have to pry her keyboard/pen/magical future writing device out of her cold, dead fingers before she’ll stop.
She loves when people say hello! If you see her in the wild, walk up and start chatting. Or hey, just email her—



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