Arc Review – Into the stars by Gwendolyn Field

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June 21, 2018 by ceresbooksworld


Into the stars by Gwendolyn Field


Publisher: Self Published

Publication date: June 12th, 2018

Source: eArc from the author

Rating: 5 hearts




At twenty-five, Reesa has lived seven comfortable years as the personal Nevesta for an aging Colonel, meeting his every need quite easily. But when the Parliament of Mars abruptly sends him away on duty, Reesa finds herself in a new station aboard an intergalactic vessel with seven elite soldiers. These are like no men she has ever encountered. Massive, unmannered, and intense, they are trained killers who require her expertise to keep their volatile personalities in check on the long journey.

However, it doesn’t take long to realize her minimal life experiences are morphed by their collective proficiencies, especially where physical needs are concerned. How is Reesa to ease these hardened warriors—in particular, the earthly Captain who refuses to be alone with her—when her own nerves and insecurities threaten to get the best of her in their overwhelming presence?

From the dark romantica author of ESCAPE FROM PARADISE, Gwendolyn Field brings you a seductive futuristic novel that will heat your blood and melt your heart.


Into the star takes place in a world where space is open, heroin comes from Mars, and heroes come mainly from the earth but also from other planets.

Reesa is a young girl who absolutely wants to do her job properly. She can be considered a prostitute in today’s world but she’s very proud of her job. The vision of her job on Mars is really different and even if I have a lot of difficulty to imagine it, I can still understand it. In fact, Martians are not emotionally attached, and they believe that to avoid wars, people must be able to satisfy their needs, whether with men or women.

Reesa will leave on a ship and become the Nevesta of warriors, among them very nice men and some a little stranger and more violent. She won’t be Captain Lexon’s Nevesta, though in the end, that’s what will attract her.

Reesa is an admirable young girl, yes her job is not very noble for us but at the same time she gives pleasure to men who for the blow, give her in return. She learns to know them, to love them and above all she learns to protect them as much as she can.

I really like Captain Lexon too, he doesn’t let himself get carried away, you can feel that he’s attracted to Reesa but he won’t let go, he’s holding back, he wants a woman capable of loving him and not a woman who’s attracted to him but who can cheat on him at any time.

The story is interesting; the races are really different whether physically or emotionally. I really liked all the characters in this book and I would love to have a book about Rawko because it is really a character I liked in this book.

Quick Word: An intense and sexy story that takes us emotionally.


Into the star se déroule dans un monde où l’espace est ouvert, l’héroïne vient de Mars, et les héros viennent principalement de la terre mais aussi d’autres planètes.

Reesa est une jeune fille qui veut absolument faire son travail correctement. Elle peut être considérée comme une prostituée dans le monde actuel mais elle est très fière de son métier. La vision de son métier sur Mars est réellement différente et même si j’ai beaucoup de mal à l’imaginer, je peux quand même le comprendre. En fait, les Martiens ne s’attachent pas émotionnellement, et ils estiment que pour éviter les guerres il faut que les personnes puissent satisfaire leurs besoins, que ce soit avec des hommes ou des femmes.

Reesa va partir sur un vaisseau et devenir la Nevesta des guerriers, parmi eux des hommes très gentils et certains un peu plus étranges et violents. Elle ne sera pas la Nevesta du capitaine Lexon par contre, même si au final, c’est surtout ce qui l’attirera.

Reesa est une jeune fille admirable, oui son métier n’est pas un très noble chez nous mais en même temps elle donne du plaisir à des hommes qui pour le coup, lui en donne en retour. Elle apprend à les connaitre, à les aimer et surtout elle apprend à les protéger autant qu’elle peut.

J’aime beaucoup le capitaine Lexon aussi, il ne se laisse pas faire, on sent bien qu’il est attiré par Reesa mais il ne lâche pas prise, il se retient, il veut une femme capable de l’aimer et non une femme qui est attirée par lui mais qui peut le tromper n’importe quand.

L’histoire est intéressante, les races sont vraiment différentes que ce soit physiquement ou émotionnellement. J’ai vraiment aimé tous les personnages de ce livre et j’aimerais beaucoup avoir un livre sur Rawko car c’est vraiment un personnage que j’ai aimé dans ce livre.

En bref : Une histoire intense et sexy qui nous emporte émotionnellement.




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