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July 12, 2018 by ceresbooksworld


Superhero High by T.H Hernandez


Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Publication date: July 5th, 2018

Source: eArc from Chapter by Chapter

Rating: Evil Love




Sixteen-year-old Annarenee Stevens is the sole member of her family without a super power. The only time she feels powerful is in the pool. With her sights set on swimming for U.C. Berkeley, she’s ready to win it all at the State championship and secure her future.

When the government unexpectedly ends the secret Genetically Enhanced Asset (GEA) program, Annarenee is uprooted from Dayton, the only home she’s ever known, and relocated to San Diego with all of the other GEA families. Queen of her public school, Annarenee is just another zero at Superhero High, a school without any sports teams.

With the end of the program, her hero older brother now needs a college education, too, meaning the only way Annarenee is getting into Berkeley is on a scholarship. Her dream is slipping through her fingers, no matter how tightly she clings to it. To make matters worse, super hot superhero, Ren Gonzalez, is paying too much attention to her. The kind of attention that has Ren’s ex-girlfriend intent on making Annarenee’s life even more miserable.

But when heroes begin disappearing, zeros and heroes will be forced to team up in order to solve the mystery. If they don’t kill each other first.


As the summary indicates, Annarenee is the only one in her family who doesn’t have superpowers. So she goes to a normal high school, lives a very simple life even if her family doesn’t believe in her too much. However they will have to move and Annarenee will be forced to meet Heroes in her new town, San Diego.

Annarenee is a dynamic young girl, willing and smiling, she doesn’t hesitate to say what she thinks, she loves swimming and she loves helping others. What she doesn’t like is being reminded that she has no powers. I really liked this character, her character and sometimes also her naiveté. She shows courage, when some heroes disappear she does not hesitate to help and even to find the people who will help her. She’s not really lucky in love and she’s gonna have trouble trusting Ren.

I liked Ren very much, this boy is adorable, he is unfortunately seeing some rather irritating people but despite everything he tries to improve. It’s not easy, as a young man with powers, to suddenly find yourself aimlessly having to choose what to do with your life. Previously everything was decided for him, what he would do, where he would live, who he would marry and even when he would have children. I might as well tell you that the change is quite brutal.

The disappearance of the young people is quite disturbing but Annarenee is doing very well with the help of her friends. I really liked his relationship with Grayson and his brother Noah. The romance between Annarenee and Ren is charming, it is built slowly and they both get to know each other.

I really liked this story and I love the style of T.H Hernandez, it’s always a pleasure to read his books and frankly there I had a great time.

Quick Word: I recommend this book to everyone, it is a real jewel.


Comme le résumé l’indique, Annarenee est la seule de sa famille à ne pas avoir de supers pouvoirs. Elle va donc dans un lycée normal, vit une vie tout ce qu’il y a des plus simple même si sa famille ne croit pas trop en elle. Cependant ils vont devoir déménager et Annarenee va être obligée de côtoyer des Héros dans sa nouvelle ville, San Diego.

Annarenee est une jeune fille dynamique, volontaire et souriante, elle n’hésite pas à dire ce qu’elle pense, elle aime la natation et elle aime aider les autres. Ce qu’elle n’aime pas c’est qu’on lui rappelle qu’elle n’a pas de pouvoirs. J’ai beaucoup aimé ce personnage, son caractère et parfois aussi sa naïveté. Elle fait preuve de courage, lorsque certains héros disparaissent elle n’hésite pas à aider et même à trouver les personnes qui l’aideront. Elle n’a pas vraiment de chance en amour et elle va avoir du mal à faire confiance à Ren.

J’ai beaucoup aimé Ren, ce garçon est adorable, il fréquente malheureusement des personnes assez irritantes mais malgré tout il essaie de s’améliorer. Ce n’est pas facile en tant que jeune homme avec des pouvoirs, de se retrouver tout à coup, sans but, à devoir choisir quoi faire de sa vie. Auparavant tout était décidé pour lui, ce qu’il ferait, où il vivrait, avec qui il se marierait et même le moment où il ferait des enfants. Autant vous dire que le changement est assez brutal.

La disparation des jeunes gens est assez inquiétante mais Annarenee s’en sort très bien avec l’aide de ses amis. J’ai beaucoup aimé sa relation avec Grayson, ainsi que celle avec son frère Noah. La romance entre Annarenee et Ren est charmante, elle se construit lentement et ils apprennent tous les deux à se connaitre.

J’ai vraiment beaucoup aimé cette histoire et j’adore le style de T.H Hernandez, c’est toujours un plaisir de lire ses livres et franchement là j’ai passé un excellent moment.

En bref : Je conseille ce livre à tout le monde, c’est un vrai bijou.

About the author

T.H. Hernandez is a published author of young adult novels. THE UNION, a futuristic dystopian adventure, was a finalist in the 2015 San Diego book awards in the Young Adult Fiction category. SUPERHERO HIGH, an urban scifi teenage romance, is releasing July 5, 2018.

She thrives on coffee of any kind, though pumpkin spice lattes are her favorite. Her free time is spent hiking, reading, painting, and binge-watching Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. She adores Star Wars, Comic-Con, Doctor Who, Bad Lip Reading videos, and all things young adult, especially the three who share her home.

When She’s not visiting the imaginary worlds inside her head, you can find her in usually sunny San Diego, California with her husband, three teenagers, who are far too tall to be considered children, a bearded dragon, a couple of cats, and a dog who thinks he’s a cat, lovingly referred to as the puppycat.




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