Arc review – One more bad boy by Nora Flite

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July 29, 2018 by ceresbooksworld


One more bad boy by Nora Flite


Publisher: Self Published

Publication date: July 23rd, 2018

Source: eArc from the author

Rating: 4 hearts




She knows I’m bad news.
I know she’s my only shot at redemption.

Easy on the eyes. Arrogant. Reckless playboy.
I’ve been called worse, and I’ve never cared about anything but myself.
Until the day my father died.
I’m the sole inheritor of his record company. His legacy means the world to me, but in just a few months I’ve managed to lose every artist on his label.
I’m screwed, but then I see her videos on Instagram.
Amina Richards’ voice is the answer to all my troubles. One quick contract later, and we’re in business. Except… I can’t focus on working with her because I’m busy fantasizing about how soft her lips feel.
Sleeping with her is the only way to cleanse her from my system.
I get my wish. And it turns out I’m wrong.
One night together and I’m addicted to this woman. Mixing business with pleasure is fine with me, but Amina is terrified of wrecking her new career.
She says she’s had enough bad boys like me in her life.
All I have to say to that is…
What’s one more?


Amina works in a café with her best friend Korine, who films her singing because she has a beautiful voice and publishes the videos on the internet. We don’t know much about Amina’s past, but we do know that some hard stuff happened. She was deceived by her boyfriend who was blackmailing her and insulting her, so she’s determined to leave the Bad boys aside.

Bach has recovered his father’s empire in its entirety, his record company is in trouble and he needs a new star to help him get back on track. When his Vice-President shows him Amina’s video, he falls under the spell of this bewitching voice. Of course he won’t only fall under the spell of his voice, but Bach is a womanizer, and a bad boy, so will Amina let himself be drawn into his nets or not? It’s up to you to read to find out.

No kidding, I liked Amina, she’s refreshing, nice and she knows what she wants. Unfortunately I also find her very naive, her dream is about to come true but despite everything, she does not confess to Bach her past which could jump in her face in case of success and embarrass Bach.

I loved Bach too, he certainly doesn’t chew his words, he’s not necessarily good at holding back his emotions, whatever they may be, but he’s still a boy with a big heart who wants to please his father. I like his creative side and his tenderness towards Amina, he is charming when he takes the trouble.

The story was nice, I still find that the characters are not deep enough, especially their past, even after finishing the book we do not really know how Amina’s situation could have degenerated to this point. We know the facts but I don’t think we feel anything and it bothers me slightly. One thing I find strange is the fact that Murdoch doesn’t come back on the scene when Amina becomes famous, Nora Flite may have thought it was too much but it seems strange to me especially knowing the kind of man he is.

Despite everything I liked this little romance, it’s light and fresh.

Quick word: A perfect romance for summer.


Amina travaille dans un café avec sa meilleure amie Korine, celle-ci la filme en train de chanter car elle a une voix magnifique et publie les vidéos sur internet. On ne connait pas grand-chose du passé d’Amina mais on sait qu’il s’est passé des trucs pas simples. Elle a été trompée par son petit ami qui lui faisait du chantage affectif et l’insultait, du coup elle est bien décidée à laisser les Bad boys de côté.

Bach a récupérer l’empire de son père en totalité, sa maison de disque se porte mal et il a grand besoin d’une nouvelle star pour l’aider à remonter la pente. Lorsque sa Vice-Présidente lui fait voir la vidéo d’Amina, il tombe sous le charme de cette voix envoutante. Bien entendu il ne tombera pas que sous le charme de sa voix, mais Bach est un coureur de jupon, et un bad boy, du coup est ce qu’Amina se laissera entrainer dans ses filets ou non ? A vous de lire pour savoir.

Trêve de plaisanterie, J’ai apprécié Amina, elle est rafraichissante, sympa et elle sait ce qu’elle veut. Malheureusement je la trouve aussi très naïve, son rêve est sur le point de se réaliser mais malgré tout, elle n’avoue pas à Bach son passé qui pourrait lui sauter au visage en cas de réussite et mettre Bach dans l’embarras.

J’ai aimé Bach aussi, il ne mâche pas ses mots c’est sûr, il n’est pas forcément bon pour retenir ses émotions quelles qu’elles soient mais il reste  un garçon au grand cœur qui veut faire plaisir à son père. J’aime son côté créatif et sa tendresse envers Amina, il est charmant quand il se donne la peine.

L’histoire était sympathique, je trouve malgré tout que les personnages ne sont pas assez approfondis, surtout leur passé, même après avoir fini le livre on ne sait pas réellement comment la situation d’Amina a pu dégénérer à ce point. On connait les faits mais je trouve qu’on ne ressent rien et ça me gêne légèrement. Une chose que je trouve étrange c’est le fait que Murdoch ne revienne pas sur le devant de la scène lorsqu’Amina devient célèbre, Nora Flite s’est peut être dit que c’était trop mais ça me parait étrange surtout connaissant le genre d’homme qu’il est.

Malgré tout j’ai bien aimé cette petite romance, c’est léger et frais.

Petit mot : Une romance parfaite pour l’été.

About the author

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A USA Today Bestselling Author, Nora Flite lives in SoCal where the weather is warm and she doesn’t have to shovel snow—something she never grew to love in her tiny home-state of Rhode Island.
All of her romances involve passionate, filthy, and slightly obsessive heroes—because those are clearly the best kind! She’s always been a writer, and you’ll probably have to pry her keyboard/pen/magical future writing device out of her cold, dead fingers before she’ll stop.
She loves when people say hello! If you see her in the wild, walk up and start chatting. Or hey, just email her—





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