Arc Review – Saving Death by R.L Endean

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August 31, 2018 by ceresbooksworld


Saving Death by R.L Endean

Book one in the series

Publisher : OfTomes Publishing

Publication date : November 5th, 2018

Source : eArc from OfTomes

Rating : Evil Love




Two tortured souls. One unthinkable love.

Ava is already trying to navigate the dark depths of grief when she meets a curious stranger who knows too much. In a desperate need to feel anything other than pain, she is drawn to him, intrigued by the rush he invokes in her. Soon, she finds herself hurled into a shattered world of dangerous emotions, black magic and primal loyalties; and it is here that she begins to unlock truths that might have been better left alone.


I loved this book, I don’t know how to explain how beautiful this book is. You must absolutely read it, I felt various emotions and it made me think of many books that I love. In some ways, I found the Sweet Evil series by Wendy Higgins, by others a bit of Jennifer L Armentrout and let’s not forget Hush Hush. So many series that I liked, I’m not saying that Saving Death resembles them because it’s not the case but if you liked these series then feel free to read Saving Death. Let’s get down to business, the story I’m going to tell you without telling you too much.

Ava lost her mother in a car accident, she doesn’t remember anything but she has a lot of trouble getting over it. Her mother was everything to her, the fact that she doesn’t remember anything doesn’t help the guilt she has felt since the accident. She’s gonna move in with her dad and try to survive as best she can.

I love Ava, she is sensitive and her pain has moved me, she sometimes makes risky choices but I totally understand. Her friendship with Louisa is beautiful and positive, Louisa allows her to confide and now she has a friend to talk to when she needs to. Zach is also an interesting character, we see him less but thanks to him Ava will test her limits.

Let’s talk about Sam, I love this boy, he knows what he wants even if he also knows he can’t have it. He is stubborn and Ava never knows on which foot to dance with him but they make a magnificent couple when they bother.

I loved this story, as well as Ava and Sam, the evolution of their relationship and this ending, even if I want to have the rest right away and not have to wait. I fell in love with that book and that story and Ava and Sam.

I cried, I laughed too and I felt so many emotions that as soon as I finished I already want to read Saving Death again.

I was surprised too, not by everything because I had guessed some things but not everything, so I am even happier and I can only advise you this nugget.

Quick word: A book that you will not be able to let go, dare to fly away with Ava and Sam and discover their story. 


J’ai adoré ce livre, je ne sais pas comment vous expliquez à quel point ce livre est magnifique. Vous devez absolument le lire, j’ai ressenti diverses émotions et il m’a fait pensé à beaucoup de livres que j’adore. Par certains aspects, j’ai retrouvé la série Sweet Evil de Wendy Higgins, par d’autres un peu de Jennifer L Armentrout et n’oublions pas Hush Hush. Tellement de séries que j’ai aimé, je ne dis pas que Saving Death leurs ressemblent car ce n’est pas le cas mais si vous avez aimé ces séries alors n’hésitez pas. Passons aux choses sérieuses, l’histoire que je vais vous raconter sans trop vous en dévoiler.

Ava a perdu sa mère dans un accident de voiture, elle ne se souvient de rien mais elle a beaucoup de mal à s’en remettre. Sa mère était tout pour elle, le fait qu’elle ne se souvienne de rien n’arrange rien au sentiment de culpabilité qu’elle ressent depuis l’accident. Elle va emménager chez son père et essayer de survivre comme elle peut.

J’adore Ava, elle est sensible et sa douleur m’a émue, elle fait parfois des choix risqué mais que je comprends totalement. Son amitié avec Louisa est belle et positive, Louisa lui permet de se confier et désormais elle a une amie à qui parler quand elle en a besoin. Zach est aussi un personnage intéressant, on le voit moins mais grâce à lui Ava va tester ses limites.

Parlons un peu de Sam, j’adore ce garçon, il sait ce qu’il veut même si il sait aussi qu’il ne peut pas l’avoir. Il est obstiné et Ava ne sait jamais sur quel pied danser avec lui mais ils font un couple magnifique lorsqu’ils se donnent la peine.

J’ai aimé cette histoire, ainsi que Ava et Sam, l’évolution de leur relation et cette fin, même si j’ai envie d’avoir la suite tout de suite et de ne pas avoir à attendre. Je suis tombée amoureuse de ce livre, de cette histoire et d’Ava et Sam.

J’ai pleuré, j’ai ris aussi et j’ai ressenti tellement d’émotions que à peine fini j’ai déjà envie de relire Saving Death.

J’ai été surprise aussi, pas par tout car j’avais deviné certaines choses mais pas tout, du coup je suis encore plus heureuse et je ne peux que vous conseiller cette pépite.

En bref : Un livre que vous ne pourrez pas lâcher, osez !  vous envoler avec Ava et Sam et découvrir leur histoire. 

About the author

She grew up in Reading into a creative and rather eccentric family, where  she was always encouraged to be herself… and so she was! In her earlier years she loved to spend hours playing outside in the mud and pretending she was different characters and as she reached her teenage years, she just moved this inside and developed a love for Drama.

She’d already started collecting all of her story ideas in a big orange folder (which she still have squirrelled away in a secret location guarded by drooling two-headed hounds), but it was only when she took Creative Writing and Drama at university that she started to share her stories with people. At first she was convinced she would be a playwright and she still write scripts now, but when she left university, she started down a different path.

Seven years later, she qualified as a teacher, but she still had an unhealthy obsession with YA literature and everything writing related, including a dangerous addiction to buying notebooks. Then one day she came up with an idea for a character and she just started to write….

Now she live in a small and very old cottage in Somerset with her partner and her cat, Pepper. When she’s not writing, she teaches and when she’s not teaching, she reads her ever growing pile of books, run or try her best to replicate yummy things from her collection of cookbooks!






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