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October 19, 2018 by ceresbooksworld


Breaking Order by Catherine Kopf

Book one in Breaking Order series

Publisher: Self Published

Publication date: March 28th, 2018

Source: Paperback

Rating: 5 hearts




Dreams, Creativity, and Magic are all gone under a single order.

Banned from the things that make you different, people must conform to a dull and practical lifestyle.

The daughter of The Regime’s Head Executioner is expected to follow in his footsteps, but fourteen-year-old Calista Knight is curious about creativity and dreams. It doesn’t help that she is isolated and bullied at school because of her asthma. When the new boy, Wes, encourages Calista to stop taking the medicine preventing dreams and introduces her to creativity, a new life opens up to her. Magic becomes very real, and with dreams and creativity intertwined, limits are endless.

But the Regime wants no one to dream.

Calista is a threat to the order, and she only has two options:

Overcome her own personal fears of dreaming…

…or end up just as compliant to the Regime as others around her.


Under the authority of the Regime, no one can dream, love music, sing, dance or even draw, all arts are prohibited, if you do not respect this you are considered a dreamer and Mr. Knight, the chief executor will kill you, without mercy.

Calista and Ambert are Mr. Knight’s children, so let me tell you that they can’t make mistakes, yet they don’t look anything like their father. Calista will be saved from the bullies at her school by Wes, she will follow him and discover that he is a dreamer and that Mr. Knight killed his parents and abduct his sister. He is looking for her and will ask Calista and Ambert for help in finding her.

I liked this book, Calista is a 14-year-old asthmatic girl, she is afraid of the Regime and she is also afraid of her father, she knows what he does and doesn’t like it at all. She is the victim of school bullies, because of her brother, father and asthma, she feels too weak to face them but she tries and that’s something I appreciate about her. Just like the fact that she’s going to try to help Wes find his sister.

Wes has defended Calista and is trying to introduce her to another world, a world full of music and color. I like Wes, he’s kind, considerate and even if in the end he wants to find his sister, he doesn’t want to do it by putting others in danger.

I liked this book, it is refreshing, well written and engaging. Mr. Knight is a terrible man, he cares about his daughter but I am not convinced that it is for good reasons and very clearly I do not love this man.

I look forward to be in March and finally can read book two and finding out the rest of this story, to see what happens.

Quick word: An exciting story to be discovered immediately.


Sous l’autorité du Régime, personne ne peut rêver, aimer la musique, chanter, danser ou même dessiner, tous les arts sont interdits, si vous ne respectez pas cela vous êtes considérés comme un rêveur et Mr Knight, l’exécuteur en chef vous tuera, sans pitié.

Calista et Ambert sont les enfants de Mr Knight, autant vous dire qu’ils n’ont pas le droit à l’erreur, pourtant ils ne ressemblent aucunement à leur père. Calista va être sauvée des brutes de son école par Wes, elle va le suivre et découvrir qu’il est un rêveur et que Mr Knight à tuer ses parents et enlevé sa sœur. Il est à la recherche de cette dernière et demandera l’aide de Calista et Ambert pour la retrouver.

J’ai bien aimé ce livre, Calista est une jeune fille asthmatique de 14 ans, elle a peur du Régime et elle a aussi peur de son père, elle sait ce qu’il fait et n’aime pas ça du tout. Elle est la victime des brutes de l’école, à cause de son frère, de son père et de son asthme, elle se sent trop faible pour les affronter mais elle essaie et c’est une chose que j’apprécie chez elle. Tout comme le fait qu’elle va essayer d’aider Wes à retrouver sa sœur.

Wes a pris la défense de Calista et il essaie de lui faire découvrir un autre monde, un monde plein de musique et de couleur. J’aime bien Wes, il est gentil, attentionné et même si au final il veut retrouver sa sœur, il ne tient pas à le faire en mettant les autres en danger.

J’ai bien aimé ce livre, il est rafraichissant, bien écrit et entrainant. Mr Knight est un homme exécrable, il tient à sa fille mais je ne suis pas convaincue que ce soit pour de bonnes raisons et très clairement je n’aime pas cet homme.

J’ai hâte d’être en mars et de découvrir la suite de cette histoire, de voir ce qu’il va se passer.

En bref : Une histoire passionnante à découvrir immédiatement.

About the author

Catherine Kopf is a student residing in The United States. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading YA fantasy novels, and attending her church. She hopes to create adventures the public doesn’t only enjoy for their plots, but stories that tweens and teens feel they can relate to and grow with.


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