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October 23, 2018 by ceresbooksworld


The Queen of Paranormal Romance, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Gena Showalter, stuns with SHADOW AND ICE, the first title in her scorching new paranormal romance Gods of War Series. Check out the tour stop below and get your copy of SHADOW AND ICE today!


Shadow and Ice by Gena Showalter

Book one in Gods of War

Publisher: HQN

Publication date: October 23rd, 2018

Source: eArc from Inkslinger PR

Rating: 4 hearts




Gena Showalter, the New York Times bestselling author who brought you the Lords of the Underworld, introduces a scorching new paranormal romance series… Gods of War.

Knox of Iviland has spent his life competing in the All Wars, where vicious warriors with supernatural powers fight to the death to claim new realms. One winner takes everything—and all losers die. Enslaved as a child for his ability to control shadows, the most ruthless champion in history will stop at nothing to kill his king. But first he must win the battle for Earth. When a fearsome weapon imprisons every combatant in ice, centuries pass without progress…until she walks in.

Vale London craves a fun arctic getaway with her foster sister before settling down to open a bakery. Street-tough but vulnerable, she is unprepared to find ancient gods escaping a frozen cave—merciless beings who target her when she inadvertently enters their war.

Though Vale is now his enemy, Knox is consumed with lust and a fierce need to protect her. But only one combatant can prove victorious, and he will have to choose: live for freedom, or die for love.


It had been a long time since I had read fantastic romance, especially Gena Showalter and it was frankly a pure pleasure to find her sensual and sexy pen.

Knox is a warrior from another world, he’s immortal and is sent to Earth with other immortal warriors from other worlds like him. They wage a war, at the end of which the king of the victor’s world becomes the owner of the planet in question.

I won’t tell you anymore and let you discover the story for yourself.

Knox is a very intelligent warrior, this is his fifth war and he intends to win it in order to gain his freedom, to no longer be a slave and to be able to take revenge. All this was before meeting Vale, a young and beautiful human being, who suffered as much as he did and who doesn’t let anyone walk on his feet. Knox wants to win at all costs, that’s what he’s always done, he doesn’t trust anyone, he’s a bully. However, he also has a good side, he is sexy, protective of Vale, he also suffered a lot at the hands of his king.

Vale is a charming young girl who has gone on a road trip with her sister, during this trip their guide abandons them and they will discover warriors in a cave. Vale will be kidnapped by Knox while her sister will be kidnapped by Zion. Knox and Vale will get to know each other, she will especially teach him about the land and he will explain to her everything there is to know about war.

I loved Knox and Vale, they’re both too cute together, they keep looking for each other and it provides some pretty nice moments.

Gena Showalter knew how to create a romantic and downright sexy love story, I was hot, very hot and it’s really nice to find this kind of story again. I look forward to reading on and finding out what will happen to Knox, Vale, Nola, Zion and Bane.

Quick word: A great story to read imperatively.


Cela faisait un long moment que je n’avais pas lu de la romance fantastique, surtout Gena Showalter et c’était franchement un pur Plaisir de retrouver sa plume sensuelle et sexy.

Knox est un guerrier d’un autre monde, il est immortel et il est envoyé sur Terre avec d’autres guerriers immortels venant d’autres mondes comme lui. Ils mènent une guerre, à la fin de celle-ci le roi du monde du vainqueur devient propriétaire de la planète en question.

Je ne vous en dis pas plus et vous laisse découvrir l’histoire par vous-même.

Knox est un guerrier très intelligent, c’est sa cinquième guerre et il compte bien la gagner afin de gagner sa liberté, de ne plus être esclave et de pouvoir se venger. Tout cela c’était avant de rencontrer Vale, une jeune et jolie humaine, qui a souffert autant que lui et qui ne se laisse pas marcher sur les pieds. Knox veut à tout prix gagner, c’est ce qu’il a toujours fait, il ne fait confiance à personne, c’est une brute. Cependant il a aussi de bon côté, il est sexy, protecteur envers Vale, il a aussi beaucoup souffert entre les mains de son roi.

Vale est une jeune fille charmante qui est parti faire un road trip avec sa sœur, lors de ce voyage leur guide les abandonne et elles vont découvrir des guerriers dans une grotte. Vale va être enlevée par Knox tandis que sa sœur sera enlevée par Zion. Knox et Vale vont apprendre à se connaître, elle va surtout lui apprendre à connaitre la terre et il lui expliquera tout ce qu’il y a à savoir sur la guerre.

J’ai adoré Knox et Vale, ils sont trop choux tous les deux ensembles, ils n’arrêtent pas de se chercher et cela procure des moments assez sympathiques.

Gena Showalter a su créer une histoire d’amour romantique et carrément sexy, j’ai eu chaud, très chaud et c’est super agréable de retrouver ce genre d’histoire. J’ai hâte de lire la suite et de savoir ce qu’il va arriver à Knox, Vale, Nola, Zion et Bane.

En bref : Une histoire super à lire impérativement.


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“I love this world…this is Gena Showalter at her best!”—J.R. Ward, #1 New York Times bestselling author
“The Gods of War series is my new obsession.”—Christine Feehan, #1 New York Times bestselling author

About Gena Showalter

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the spellbinding Lords of the Underworld and Angels of the Dark series, two young adult series–Everlife and the White Rabbit Chronicles–and the highly addictive Original Heartbreakers series. In addition to being a National Reader’s Choice and two time RITA nominee, her romance novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan (Red Hot Read) and Seventeen magazine, she’s appeared on Nightline and been mentioned in Orange is the New Black–if you ask her about it, she’ll talk for hours…hours! Her books have been translated in multiple languages.

She’s hard at work on her next novel, a tale featuring an alpha male with a dark side and the strong woman who brings him to his knees. You can learn more about Gena, her menagerie of rescue dogs, and all her upcoming books at or


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