Arc review – Poisoned in Light by Ben Alderson

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January 11, 2019 by ceresbooksworld


Poisoned in Light by Ben Alderson

Book three in The Dragoris series

Publisher: OfTomes Publishing

Publication date: February 11Th, 2019

Source: eArc from the author

Rating: 5 hearts




Magicks collide in the third and final installment of the M/M fantasy The Dragori Series by Bestselling Author Ben Alderson 

Zacriah is imprisoned within the city of Lilioira which is firmly under the control of Gordex. Separated from Hadrian and his allies, he tries to deal with a darkness that grows within him. A new, deadly power. Heart Magick.
The Druid will stop at nothing to retrieve the final Dragori to complete his ultimate plan of raising his kin once again. And all it takes is one failed rescue mission to set the wheels of doom in motion.

Time is not on the side of light.

War brews upon the horizon.


I had the great pleasure of reading the last book of the trilogy, I was looking forward to reading the rest of the adventures of Zacriah, Hadrian, Emaline and Nyah.

Book two ended rather badly and it’s on a group of totally separate friends that we start this last volume. Zacriah is a prisoner of Gordex, who forces him to do certain things that he absolutely does not like. Unfortunately, he has no choice but to obey. He’s also going to find Petrer, this boy is despicable and he’s also a real slap in the face, he doesn’t understand that Zacriah has moved on.

I love Zacriah, he has grown up a lot since the first volume, he is no longer the weak and dependent boy he used to be. He will try to fight to free himself and above all to free the world and prevent war. I like the friendly relationship he has with Nyah, it is growing even more and it is nice to see that even when he is separated from his friends there is still a bond between them.

I love the relationship between Hadrian and Zacriah, it’s getting stronger and stronger and the respect they have for each other is wonderful. Hadrian has also changed a lot, he tries to control his anger and become a good king, his choices are not always the right ones but he does his best and always protects Zacriah.

Nyah is my favorite character, she is strong, kind, intelligent and absolutely wonderful. I also like Emaline and Illera very much of course, these two have a strong temper but their love is so beautiful.

This book closes the series in beauty, there is action, hope, hatred, fear, new characters and of course love and friendship. I love Ben Alderson’s pen, he has created a complex universe, very well described and characters that we love or hate. I was surprised by some moments in the story and I like it.

Quick word: A perfect last book and a perfect trilogy.


J’ai eu l’immense plaisir de lire le dernier tome de la trilogie, j’avais hâte de lire la suite des aventures de Zacriah, Hadrian, Emaline et Nyah.

Le tome deux s’est assez mal fini et c’est sur un groupe d’amis totalement séparés que nous débutons ce dernier tome. Zacriah est prisonnier de Gordex, ce dernier le force à faire certaines choses qui ne lui plaisent absolument pas. Il n’a malheureusement pas d’autres choix que l’obéissance. Il va aussi retrouver Petrer, ce garçon est ignoble et c’est aussi une vrai tête à claques, il ne comprend pas que Zacriah est passé à autre chose.

J’adore Zacriah, il a beaucoup muri depuis le premier tome, il n’est plus le garçon faible et dépendant qu’il était. Il va essayer de se battre afin de se libérer et surtout de délivrer le monde et d’empêcher la guerre. J’aime la relation amicale qu’il entretient avec Nyah, elle prend encore plus d’ampleur et c’est appréciable de voir que même lorsqu’il est séparé de ses amis il y a encore un lien qui les unit.

J’adore la relation entre Hadrian et Zacriah, elle est de plus en plus forte et le respect qu’ils ont l’un envers l’autre est magnifique. Hadrian aussi a beaucoup changé, il essaie de maitriser sa colère et de devenir un bon roi, ses choix ne sont pas toujours les bons mais il fait de son mieux et il protège toujours Zacriah.

Nyah est mon personnage préférée, elle est forte, gentille, intelligente et absolument merveilleuse. J’aime aussi beaucoup Emaline et Illera bien sûr, ses deux-là ont un petit caractère bien trempé mais leur amour est tellement beau.

Ce livre clôture en beauté la série, il y a de l’action, de l’espoir, de la haine, de la peur, des nouveaux personnages et bien sûr de l’amour et de l’amitié. J’adore la plume de Ben Alderson, il a su créer un univers complexe, très bien décrit et des personnages que l’on adore ou que l’on déteste. J’ai été surprise par certains moments de l’histoire et j’aime ça.

En bref : Un dernier tome parfait et une trilogie qui l’est tout autant.

About the author

“Ben Alderson is the book vlogger you want to know from across the pond. This 22-year-old UK native is steadily making a name for himself with not only his YouTube book vlog, but also his Instagram account …where he is followed by thousands who can’t get enough of his artsy shots of books.”
– Teen Vogue.

Side from running his very own micro-publishing company, Oftomes, you can find Ben in the nearest Starbucks with a book in hand.
Not only in love with books, but also dogs, HP sauce and RnB music!




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