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October 18, 2019 by ceresbooksworld


Faded by Diana Nixon

Book four in Shattered Series

Publisher: Self Published

Publication date: October 29th, 2019

Source: eArc from the author

Rating: 5 hearts




Our love was hopeless. Our future – nonexistent. Still, we let the attraction win.
Two young hearts, too naive to believe that love was just a game. We let it consume us, we let it destroy us…
And then, there was nothing but the pain, endless, burning.
For years, I’ve been trying to forget about Jeffrey Coleman’s existence. The son of my worst enemy… Falling for him was a mistake from the very beginning. I did my best to cross him out of my life. And now, I’m standing at his door, ready to beg him to help me…
“There are only two times that I want to share with you: now and forever…”


Faded tells the story of Rhea and Jeffrey, they met at university, he is the son of a wealthy businessman, she is the daughter of the latter’s driver. Neither of them knows who the other is and nothing will prevent them from being attracted to each other.

The book begins 12 years after their meeting, then we go back to live this meeting, then we return to the present.

Rhea is great, she got more bounce to the ounce, she knows what she wants, she misses her mother. Her father was not present at the time of her mother’s death because he was working. She does not forgive her father’s boss for having needed him so much. Her meeting with Jeffrey was quite funny, I loved that moment.

Jeffrey wants to prove that he is not only his father’s son, he wants to prove that he has the skills to take over the torch. So he’s smart, funny, he knows he’s handsome and he’s very attracted to Rhea.

I liked this book, the characters are endearing and their meeting is explosive. They’re both cute, she who resists attraction when he doesn’t want to resist.

Diana Nixon makes us feel their emotions very well, we feel that they want to be together and that despite all the obstacles that are getting in their way, they will find each other.

The only little downside I can put in this column is that I wish I had a little more time in the present to see how their marriage was going.

Diana made my little heart vibrate again with a very romantic story and a perfect couple.

Quick Word: A tumultuous romance with a couple made to be together.


Faded raconte l’histoire de Rhéa et Jeffrey, ils se sont rencontrés à l’université, lui fils d’un riche homme d’affaire, elle fille du chauffeur de ce dernier. Aucun des deux ne sait qui est l’autre et rien ne les empêchera d’être attirés l’un par l’autre.

Le livre commence 12 ans après leur rencontre, ensuite nous repartons en arrière pour vivre cette rencontre, puis nous revenons au présent.

Rhéa est géniale, elle a du répondant, elle sait ce qu’elle veut sa mère lui manque. Son père n’était pas présent au moment de la mort de sa mère puisqu’il travaillait. Elle ne pardonne pas au patron de son père d’avoir eu autant besoin de ce dernier. Sa rencontre avec Jeffrey est assez drôle, j’ai adoré ce moment.

Jeffrey veut prouver qu’il n’est pas uniquement le fils de son père, il veut prouver qu’il a les compétences pour reprendre le flambeau. Il est donc intelligent, drôle, il sait qu’il est beau et il est très attiré par Rhéa.

J’ai bien aimé ce livre, les personnages sont attachants et leur rencontre est explosive. Ils sont mignons tous les deux, elle qui résiste à l’attraction alors que lui ne veut pas résister.

Diana Nixon nous fait très bien ressentir leurs émotions, on sent très bien qu’ils ont envie d’être ensemble et que malgré tous les obstacles qui se mettent sur leur chemin, ils se retrouveront.

Le seul petit bémol que je peux mettre dans cette chronique est que j’aurais aimé avoir un peu plus de moment au présent pour voir comment leur mariage se passait.

Diana a encore fait vibrer mon petit cœur avec une histoire romantique à souhait et un couple parfait.

En bref : Une romance tumultueuse avec un couple fait pour être ensemble.

About the author

Diana Nixon is an International bestselling author of contemporary and fantasy romances. A Master of Law, she never thought she would betray the world of law and dive into fiction. But once her first book – Love Lines – was published, she realized that writing was her true passion. Since then, she has written 19 more books. She can’t imagine her life without her fictional characters and she never stops thinking about the new storylines that haunt her dreams. She’s married and has two daughters – her biggest source of inspiration. She loves music, traveling, coffee and chocolate. She believes that writing is the best cure for everything that can be healed with words.

​Diana Nixon’s books are being translated into Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Italian and Greek.

Diana Nixon is the founder of Inks and Scratches, a literary magazine intended to help authors of all genres find readers and spread the news about their writing all over the world.

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