Arc review – Crown of Oblivion by Julie Eshbaugh


November 10, 2019 by ceresbooksworld


Crown of Oblivion by Julie Eshbaugh


Publisher: Harper Teen

Publication date: November 12th, 2019

Source: eArc from Harper Teen

Rating: Evil Love




Astrid is the surrogate for Princess Renya, which means she bears the physical punishment if Renya steps out of line. Astrid has no choice—she and her family are Outsiders, the lower class of people without magic and without citizenship.

But there is a way out of this life—competing in the deadly Race of Oblivion. To enter the race, an Outsider is administered the drug Oblivion, which wipes their memory clear of their past as they enter a new world with nothing to help them but a slip of paper bearing their name and the first clue. It’s not as simple as solving a puzzle, however—for a majority of the contestants, the race ends in death. But winning would mean not only freedom for Astrid, but citizenship and health care for her entire family. With a dying father to think of, Astrid is desperate to prevail.

From the beginning, the race is filled with twists and turns. One of them is Darius, a fellow racer Astrid meets but isn’t sure she can trust. Though they team up in the race, as Astrid’s memories begin to resurface, she remembers just who he was to her—a scorned foe who may want revenge. Astrid also starts to notice she has powers no Outsider should—which could help her win the race, but also make her a target if anyone finds out. With stakes that couldn’t be higher, Astrid must decide what is more important: risking her life to remember the mysteries of the past, or playing a cutthroat game in order to win her—and her family’s—freedom.


Astrid is the substitute for Princess Renia, when the latter disobeyed it is Astrid who receives the lashes. And I might as well tell you that Princess Renia is not a very wise child. The royal family has magical powers and so do the nobles, but the people do not. The only way to be free is to do your years of service with people with powers. In order to save her family, Astrid entered a race to win the crown of Oblivion and become a citizen. The participants in this race all receive a dose of Oblivion, a drug that makes them forget everything, even their own names.

I loved this book, I loved everything, the story, the characters, the atmosphere and the world.

Astrid is a strong, independent, determined young girl and she has powers. After an unfortunate event she started the race, she hopes to save her brothers Marlon and Jayden. Astrid is great during the race, you can’t say she’s always nice but I think that’s what I liked most. We all know that if we were in Astrid’s situation we would like to win and survive. However, Astrid still has a heart and I find her very touching at times.

Darius is another participant in the race and I must admit that I didn’t see it coming, it’s something I really appreciate. He also wants to win, we don’t really know why and it’s probably the only small flaw I would find in the book.

The meeting between Darius and Astrid is explosive and strange too, but they will have to team up and relive their memories as the race progresses.

My little heart jumped at the end of the book and I can tell you that I was waiting for this moment.

Princess Renia is also a very important character in the story, you might think she doesn’t like Astrid because she keeps disobeying and punishing Astrid but in fact she considers her a sister. She just can’t accept the way the people in power treat the rest of the people. Unlike Prince Lars, who is a horrible character, he is evil to the very tips of his fingers.

I really liked this story, the caste differences are obvious, some people decided to rebel but not all.

Julie Eshbaugh really has an exceptional gift for telling exciting and engaging stories.

Quick word: An exciting story to read absolutely.


Astrid est la substitute de la princesse Renia, lorsque cette dernière désobéi c’est Astrid qui reçoit les coups de fouets. Et autant vous dire que la princesse Renia n’est pas une enfant très sage. La famille royale a des pouvoirs magiques ainsi que les nobles mais le peuple n’en as pas. Le seul moyen d’être libre est d’effectuer tes années de services auprès des personnes ayant des pouvoirs. Afin de sauver sa famille Astrid s’engage dans une course pour gagner la couronne et devenir citoyenne. Les participants de cette course reçoivent tous une dose d’Oblivion, une drogue qui leur faire tout oublier, jusqu’à leurs propres noms.

J’ai adoré ce livre, j’ai tout aimé, que ce soit l’histoire, les personnages, l’ambiance et le monde.

Astrid est une jeune fille forte, indépendante, déterminée et elle possède des pouvoirs. Après un évènement malheureux elle se lance dans la course, elle espère ainsi sauver ses frères Marlon et Jayden. Astrid est géniale pendant la course, on ne peut pas dire qu’elle soit toujours gentille mais je pense que c’est ce que j’ai le plus aimé. Nous savons tous que si nous étions dans la situation d’Astrid nous souhaiterions gagner et survivre. Cependant Astrid a quand même du cœur et je la trouve très touchante par moment.

Darius est un autre participant à la course et j’avoue que je ne l’avais pas vu venir, c’est une chose que j’apprécie fortement. Lui aussi veut gagner, on ne sait pas trop pourquoi et c’est probablement le seul petit défaut que je trouverais au livre.

La rencontre entre Darius et Astrid est explosive et étrange aussi, mais à force ils vont devoir faire équipe et revivre leurs souvenirs au fur et à mesure de la course.

Mon petit cœur à fait un bond à la fin du livre et je peux vous dire que j’attendais ce moment.

La princesse Renia est aussi un personnage très important de l’histoire, on pourrai croire qu’elle n’aime pas Astrid parce qu’elle n’arrête pas de désobéir et de faire punir Astrid mais en fait elle la considère comme une sœur. Elle n’arrive juste pas à accepter la manière dont les gens qui ont le pouvoir traitent le reste du peuple. Contrairement au Prince Lars qui lui est un horrible personnage, il est malfaisant jusqu’au bout des doigts.

J’ai vraiment aimé cette histoire, les différences de castes sont flagrants, quelques personnes ont décidés de se rebeller mais pas toutes.

Julie Eshbaugh a vraiment un don exceptionnel pour raconter des histoires passionnantes et entrainantes.

En bref : Une histoire palpitante à lire absolument.

About the author

Julie Eshbaugh is a YA writer and former filmmaker. She made two short films and then spent several years producing an online video series for teens which received several honors from the Webby Awards. Her new YA fantasy standalone, CROWN OF OBLIVION, is coming from HarperTeen November 2019. IVORY AND BONE (HarperTeen 2016) and OBSIDIAN AND STARS (HarperTeen 2017), her prehistoric fantasy duology, are out now. You can learn more about Julie’s writing escapades by visiting



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