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March 20, 2020 by ceresbooksworld


Illusive by Diana Nixon


Publisher : Self Published

Publication date : March 24th, 2020

Source : eArc from the author

Rating : 5 hearts




Hearts don’t beat forever. And neither did mine.
The day I woke up with a donor’s heart beating in my chest, everything changed.
I felt like I wasn’t being myself anymore, more like I was forced to live the life of someone else.
Even my dreams – they were not mine. I closed my eyes and saw the places and people I never knew. I woke up with the feeling of déjà vu and didn’t know if that was just a game of my imagination or I was losing my mind.
Getting a new job at the Bowen’s complicated all of the above. They were strangers to me, but somehow, I felt like I knew them my whole life…
“I thought I knew love, but I was wrong. Before you, it was just an illusion…”


Diana Nixon is releasing a new book, actually, she’s releasing another one very soon, you know I can’t resist her books. Her romances are always enjoyable to read, Illusive is no exception to the rule.

Eden has a new heart, a new job and she feels strange things in her new life, impressions of déjà vu. Her new job is to be the babysitter of Ariel, a 5 years old girl who lost her mother 2 months ago and who doesn’t know her father. She lives with Blake, her godfather, who loves her very much.

I won’t tell you more about the story, it’s your job to find out, but I’ll tell you about the characters.

We are going to start with Eden, she was taken in very young by a loving family, Eden’s problem is her heart and fortunately she was saved. She does not remember any more her childhood, she does not remember her parents. I love Eden, she is sweet and kind, in spite of everything she doesn’t let herself and she knows what she wants. She asks herself a lot of questions about her past, I rather like her small naive side, she doesn’t realize that some people know things about her.

I love the relationship she has with Ariel, you can really feel all the love she feels for the girl and I appreciate that she takes good care of her.

Ariel is great, you can see right away that she has understood a lot of things, she is very intelligent this little one, it’s a bit strange for a 5 year old child but I’ll skip it because this story is beautiful.

Blake has a lot of difficulty to accept Eden at the beginning and then finally he is going to get used to her for the good of Eden but also for his own. Their exchanges are sometimes stormy, sometimes funny and always intense. I like Blake, he was always in love with Rachel, the mother of Ariel but she never liked him. It’s hard for him but he tries to get over it and the arrival of Eden will help him.

I liked this story a lot, I cried, a lot, I believe that it’s the book of Diana which made me shed the most tears, the one just after being Love Undone. I felt so many emotions, I wanted to say to Eden ” but open your eyes, you see the truth “. I wanted to say to Blake the same thing and so many others.

The secondary characters are Ian, the brother of Eden and Mia, Rachel’s best friend who is also the godmother of Ariel and an old friend of Blake. These two characters are really adorable and I would love to have a book on both of them, they are so endearing.

Quick Word: A tender story that is so enjoyable to read in the confined moments we are living in right now.


Diana Nixon sort un nouveau livre, en vrai, elle sort un autre très prochainement, vous savez que je ne résiste pas à ses livres. Ses romances sont toujours agréables à lire, Illusive ne fait pas exception à la règle.

Eden a un nouveau cœur, un nouveau boulot et elle ressent des choses étranges dans sa nouvelle vie, des impressions de déjà vue. Son nouveau boulot est d’être la babysitter d’Ariel, une jeune fille de 5 ans qui a perdu sa mère il y a 2 mois et qui ne connait pas son père. Elle vit avec Blake son parrain qui l’aime énormément.

Je ne vous parlerais pas plus de l’histoire, c’est votre boulot de la découvrir mais je vais vous parler des personnages.

On va commencer avec Eden, elle a été recueillie très jeune par une famille aimante, le problème d’Eden c’est son cœur et heureusement elle a été sauvée. Elle ne se souvient plus de son enfance, elle ne se rappelle plus ses parents. J’aime Eden, elle est douce et gentille, malgré tout elle ne se laisse pas faire et elle sait ce qu’elle veut. Elle se pose beaucoup de questions sur son passé, j’aime assez son petit côté naïf, elle ne se rend pas compte que certaines personnes sont au courant de choses à son sujet.

J’adore la relation qu’elle entretien avec Ariel, on sent vraiment tout l’amour qu’elle ressent pour la jeune fille et j’apprécie qu’elle prenne soin d’elle correctement.

Ariel est géniale, on voit tout de suite qu’elle a compris beaucoup de choses, elle est très intelligente cette petite, c’est un peu étrange pour une enfant de 5 ans mais je passe outre parce que cette histoire est magnifique.

Blake a beaucoup de mal à accepter Eden au début et puis finalement il va s’habituer à elle pour le bien d’Eden mais aussi pour le sien. Leurs échanges sont parfois houleux, parfois drôle et toujours intenses. J’aime bien Blake, il a toujours été amoureux de Rachel, la mère d’Ariel mais elle ne l’a jamais aimé. C’est dur pour lui mais il essaie de s’en remettre et l’arrivée d’Eden va l’aider.

J’ai beaucoup aimé cette histoire, j’ai pleuré, beaucoup, je crois que c’est le livre de Diana qui m’a fait verser le plus de larmes, celui juste après étant Love Undone. J’ai ressenti tellement d’émotions, j’ai eu envie de dire à Eden « mais ouvre tes yeux, tu vois bien la vérité ». J’ai eu envie de dire à Blake la même chose et tellement d’autre.

Les personnages secondaires sont Ian, le frère d’Eden, Mia la meilleure amie de Rachel, qui est aussi la marraine d’Ariel et une amie de longue date de Blake. Ces deux personnages sont vraiment adorables et j’aimerais tellement avoir un tome sur eux deux, ils sont tellement attachants.

En bref : Une histoire tendre et tellement agréable à lire dans les moments de confinement que nous vivons actuellement.

About the author

Diana Nixon is an International bestselling author of contemporary and fantasy romances. A Master of Law, she never thought she would betray the world of law and dive into fiction. But once her first book – Love Lines – was published, she realized that writing was her true passion. Since then, she has written 19 more books. She can’t imagine her life without her fictional characters and she never stops thinking about the new storylines that haunt her dreams. She’s married and has two daughters – her biggest source of inspiration. She loves music, traveling, coffee and chocolate. She believes that writing is the best cure for everything that can be healed with words.

​Diana Nixon’s books are being translated into Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Italian and Greek.

Diana Nixon is the founder of Inks and Scratches, a literary magazine intended to help authors of all genres find readers and spread the news about their writing all over the world.

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