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April 26, 2020 by ceresbooksworld


Tess by Diana Nixon

Book 2,5 in Louise series

Part of Romantically Ever After Novels

Publisher : Carter & bradley Publishing

Publication date : May 12th, 2020

Source : eArc from the author

Rating : 4 Hearts



I had been a rebel as long as I could remember. Following the rules had never been my major. But breaking the rules of Le Papillon meant saying good-bye to my life. No flirting, no secret affairs, just dancing.
I lived as if in a dollhouse, where everything was decided for me. Even my name – I had to change it for the sake of my new life that didn’t promise anything but an everlasting obedience.
No one cared about what I wanted. Clients were kings; only their wishes mattered. All I was allowed to do was to please them with my show and make them fork out for a private dance.
Was there a way out of this prison? I had no idea. I went against my heart and pretended to be a good girl. Why? Because I wanted to live. And love, maybe…


I’ll give you a short summary because if you haven’t read Louise you don’t know who Tess is. Tess is Louise’s best friend, they were together at the orphanage and they were both sold to the club Le Papillon by the manager of the orphanage. Tess’ story, apart from the prologue, takes place after Louise left the club. Tess is still a dancer and a man asks her for a private dance every Saturday night, she goes there blindfolded each time and so she doesn’t know what this charming boy looks like.

Anyway, you will have understood that this book is a love story. A beautiful love story between Tess and her stranger, but it is also a story of friendship. You can find everything I like in Diana’s novels, the sensitivity of the characters, their quite strong characters and above all they are independent women despite the lack of choice they had. Tess is no exception to the rule, she and her family were abandoned, they were separated, yet Tess struggled to find out what happened to her sister, she tried to run away and even her life at the Club changed.

I really like Tess, I loved meeting her Prince Charming and the moments they share with Louise and Kate.

I can’t really say much more without revealing a little bit of the story so I’ll stop there but know that this time again I shed my little tear. And as always with Diana Nixon it’s a story with a happy ending.

Quick Word: A romance for the summer to read without moderation.


Je vous fais un petit résumé car si vous n’avez pas lu Louise vous ne savez pas qui est Tess. Tess est donc la meilleure amie de Louise, elles étaient ensemble à l’orphelinat et elles ont été toutes les deux vendues au club Le Papillon par la gérante de l’orphelinat. L’histoire de Tess, à part le prologue, se passe après le départ de Louise du club. Tess est donc encore danseuse et un homme lui demande une danse privée tous les samedi soir, elle y va les yeux bandés à chaque fois et elle ne sait donc pas à quoi ressemble ce charmant garçon.

Bref, vous l’aurez compris ce livre est une histoire d’amour. Une belle histoire d’amour entre Tess et son inconnu, mais c’est aussi une histoire d’amitié. On retrouve tout ce que j’aime dans les romans de Diana, la sensibilité des personnages, leurs caractères assez forts et surtout ce sont des femmes indépendantes malgré le manque de choix qu’elles ont eu. Tess ne fait pas exception à la règle, elle et sa famille ont été abandonnés, ils ont été séparés, pourtant Tess s’est battue pour savoir ce que devenait sa sœur, elle a essayé de s’enfuir et même sa vie au Club a changé.

J’aime vraiment beaucoup Tess, j’ai adoré sa rencontre avec son prince charmant mais aussi les moments qu’elles partagent avec Louise et Kate.

Je ne peux pas vraiment en dire plus sans dévoiler un peu de l’histoire donc je vais m’arrêter là mais sachez que cette fois ci encore, j’ai versé ma petite larme. Et comme toujours avec Diana Nixon c’est une histoire qui fini bien.

En bref : Une romance pour l’été à lire sans modération.

About the author

Diana Nixon is an International bestselling author of contemporary and fantasy romances. A Master of Law, she never thought she would betray the world of law and dive into fiction. But once her first book – Love Lines – was published, she realized that writing was her true passion. Since then, she has written 19 more books. She can’t imagine her life without her fictional characters and she never stops thinking about the new storylines that haunt her dreams. She’s married and has two daughters – her biggest source of inspiration. She loves music, traveling, coffee and chocolate. She believes that writing is the best cure for everything that can be healed with words.

​Diana Nixon’s books are being translated into Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Italian and Greek.

Diana Nixon is the founder of Inks and Scratches, a literary magazine intended to help authors of all genres find readers and spread the news about their writing all over the world.

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