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September 11, 2020 by ceresbooksworld


Crowning Soul by Sahira Javaid

Book one in Heart of Noorenia series

Publisher : Self Published

Publication date : September 8th, 2020

Source : eArc

Rating : 3,5 hearts




Be swept away in this unique fantasy debut from Sahira Javaid. A spellbinding adventure of belonging, finding hope and where the price of a soul is another soul’s fate. Perfect for fans of InuYashaChildren of Blood and Bone and The Candle and The Flame.

Nezha Zaman considers her gift to control fire a dangerous secret. A secret that unravels when she encounters a vengeful shadow jinni in a maze garden that has been stalking her family, and knows about her power. Weeks after seeing the demonic being, Nezha is torn from her world through her backyard pond and transported to another dimension which sought out the light inside her heart.

Nezha learns from two unicorns that the dimension is her family’s roots, and the light is a fragment of an angel’s shattered soul. The three must work together to find the soul’s shards in a land teeming with shape-shifting jinn. If Nezha fails to stop the corrupted Iron Prince, the malevolent jinn at his side will shatter her soul next.


Nezha is a young girl who is able to control the fire, she always had to hide, only her aunt helped her. Shortly before her aunt’s death Nezha begins to be followed, she realizes that the person following her is a Jinn, she also wonders if he is not responsible for her aunt’s death. She will be transported to another dimension where she will have to find and heal the parts of the soul of an angel.

In this dimension she will meet two talking Unicorns who will help her in her quest. I liked Sapphire and Thunderblot very much. They are funny and they bring lightness to the story.

I also liked that the author has created a strong Muslim heroine, when Nezha is not in Noorenia but on earth, we discover a little bit about her parents’ life and her culture.

I also appreciated the villains, they are very convincing.

I liked Noorenia even if the author deserves to make more descriptions in order to make us travel in this wonderful world with all these diverse and varied creatures.

What I regret is that I didn’t manage to become attached to the characters, I didn’t identify with them, I didn’t feel their sorrows, their loves.

The author has managed to create an interesting story, a world that seems wonderful, it just lacks a little finishing touch but overall the story is good.


Nezha est une jeune fille qui est capable de contrôler le feu, elle a toujours dû se cacher, seule sa tante l’aidait. Peu avant la mort de sa tante Nezha commence à être suivie, elle se rend compte que la personne qui la suit est un Jinn, elle se demande aussi si ce dernier n’est pas responsable de la mort de sa tante. Elle va être transportée dans une autre dimension où elle devra retrouver et soigner les parties de l’âme d’un ange.

Dans cette dimension elle va rencontrer deux Licornes parlante qui vont l’aider dans sa quête. J’ai beaucoup aimé Sapphire et Thunderblot. Ils sont drôles et ils amènent de la légèreté dans l’histoire.

J’ai aussi apprécié que l’auteur a créé une héroïne musulmane forte, lorsque Nezha n’est pas à Noorenia mais sur terre, on découvre un peu la vie de ses parents et sa culture.

J’ai aussi apprécié les méchants, ils sont très convaincants.

J’ai bien aimé Noorenia même si l’auteur mériterait de faire plus de descriptions afin de nous faire voyager dans ce monde merveilleux avec toutes ces créatures diverses et variées.

Ce que je regrette c’est que je n’ai pas réussi à m’attacher aux personnages, je ne me suis pas identifiée à eux, je n’ai pas ressenti leurs peines, leurs amours.

L’auteur a réussi à créer une histoire intéressante, un monde qui semble merveilleux, il manque juste un peu de finition mais dans l’ensemble l’histoire est bonne.

About the author

Sahira Javaid is a YA Fantasy writer and poetess from Ottawa who shares her poems on her Twitter page and her website. Fond of animals, nature and learning, she passes time with reading about the world around her, nature’s healing ways, chatting with friends and making others smile and laugh every time she gets. Her poetry book Crack of Dawn is available on Amazon and other online retailers.






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