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January 26, 2021 by ceresbooksworld

Leo by Diana Nixon

Book Two in Bachelors on Sale series

Publisher : Self Published

Publication date : January 26th, 2021

Source : eArc from the Author

Rating : 5 hearts


Do you believe in love at first sight?
Me neither.
Why? Because I know how much love costs. Money can’t buy it, because you pay with your heart.
But you can buy a list of secrets that will help you make even a sworn bachelor fall hopelessly in love with you.
My name is Madison Hall, and I’m the most popular marriage broker in New York.
But this story isn’t about me.
It’s about revenge that made Olivia Lambert come to my office.
I sold her everything I knew about Leonel Cohen.
I never sold men’s secrets for revenge.
But in this particular case, it was worth it.

A love story that was never supposed to happen.
Two poles apart that will collide and make the air between them burn.
They have no idea how fast hate can become something different…


You know my love for Diana’s books, this one is no exception. However, I think I know Diana so well that I’m not even surprised to find out what she has in store for us. I was talking about the story with my husband when I was really at the beginning of the book, like the 4th chapter and at one point I said, “I know what’s going to happen » On this he answers me you will tell me if you were right when you finish the book. And bim, I was right, maybe I should investigate more 😊

In short, we find Olivia seeking revenge, or rather revenge for her sister. Leonel is the culprit and she is going to do everything to make him go through hell.

Let’s be clear, it’s a romance so she’s bound to be caught in her own trap and fall in love with the charmer. I love Olivia, she’s smart, she’s charming and she knows how to defend herself. She raises her niece with a lot of love and her love life suffers.

On her first day as Leonel’s assistant, it can’t be said that everything is going as planned. Above all, Leonel is an extreme charmer without any tact, he loves young girls, beautiful and sexy, if they are smart it’s even better.

I loved seeing the two of them interacting, sniping at each other all day long, charming each other, laughing and getting to know and respect each other.

I loved this book, I laughed, I cried, I wanted to be in Olivia’s shoes and sometimes I wanted to slap her but also Leo.

Quick word: An absolutely successful romance to read urgently.


Vous connaissez mon amour pour les livres de Diana, celui-ci ne fait pas exception. Cependant, je crois que je connais tellement bien Diana que je ne suis même plus surprise de découvrir ce qu’elle nous réserve. Je parlais de l’histoire avec mon mari alors que j’étais vraiment au début du livre, genre le 4ème chapitre et à un moment je lui dis « je sais ce qu’il va se passer ». Sur ce il me répond tu me diras si tu avais raison quand tu auras fini le livre. Et bim, j’avais raison, peut être que je devrais mener des enquêtes 😊

Bref, nous retrouvons Olivia qui cherche à se venger, ou plutôt à venger sa sœur. Leonel est le coupable et elle va tout faire pour lui faire vivre un enfer.

Soyons clair, c’est une romance donc forcément elle va être prise à son propre piège et tomber amoureuse du charmeur. J’adore Olivia, elle est intelligente, elle a du charme et elle sait se défendre. Elle élève sa nièce avec beaucoup d’amour et sa vie amoureuse en pâtit.

Lors de son premier jour en tant qu’assistante de Leonel, on ne peut pas dire que tout marche comme prévu. Surtout, Leonel est un charmeur extrême sans aucun tact, il aime les jeunes filles, belles et sexy, si elles sont intelligentes c’est encore mieux.

J’ai adoré les voir interagir tous les deux, s’envoyer des piques à longueur de journées, se charmer, rire et apprendre à se connaitre et à se respecter l’un et l’autre.

J’ai adoré ce livre, j’ai ri, j’ai pleuré, j’ai eu envie d’être à la place d’Olivia et parfois j’ai eu envie de lui mettre des baffes, à elle mais aussi à Leo.

En Bref : Une romance absolument réussie à lire de toute urgence.

About the author

Diana Nixon is the USA Today & International bestselling author of contemporary and fantasy romances. A Master of Law, she never thought she would betray the world of law and dive into fiction. But once her first book – Love Lines – was published, she realized that writing was her true passion. Since then, she has written 19 more books. She can’t imagine her life without her fictional characters and she never stops thinking about the new storylines that haunt her dreams. She’s married and has two daughters – her biggest source of inspiration. She loves music, traveling, coffee and chocolate. She believes that writing is the best cure for everything that can be healed with words.

​Diana Nixon’s books are being translated into Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Italian and German.

Diana Nixon is the founder of Inks and Scratches, a literary magazine intended to help authors of all genres find readers and spread the news about their writing all over the world.


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