Stacking the Shelves #306


June 12, 2021 by ceresbooksworld



Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks! It was created by Tynga’s review.

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Poche VF

La Reine du Sud de Arturo Perez Reverte

La reine du sud

Nom : Mendoza. Prénom : Teresa. Probablement à la tête de la plus grosse entreprise de transport de cocaïne et de haschisch en Méditerranée pour le compte du cartel de Medellín, qui regroupe des mafieux russes et italiens. Femme d’affaires redoutable et dangereuse. Multimillionnaire, mène une vie discrète, aime le rêve et la solitude en mer à bord de son yacht. Aucune preuve n’a pu être retenue contre elle, la Reine du Sud. 





Hellbound Guilds & Others Misdirections by Annette Marie & Rob Jacobsen


Agent Kit Morris. Has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

It’s a big step up from “wanted criminal” or “that weird con-artist guy with weirder psychic powers”—both of which recently applied to me. But my promotion to MagiPol agent comes with a few drawbacks.

First, supremely talented and effortlessly gorgeous Agent Lienna Shen won’t agree to a dinner date with me. Second, my new assignment has pitted me against a guild with very bad taste in pets. Third, those pets are demons, and those demons want to kill me.

My psychic magic is great for conning people. It doesn’t do jack shit against hellish orcs. If I screw this up, my dinner date will be with a demon—and I’ll be the dinner. Even better, I kind of suspect this supposedly straightforward assignment is actually the tip of an unholy iceberg of power-hungry malefactors bent on destroying all law and order in the city.

I should probably mention that last part to my boss.

The Nichan Smile by C.J Merwild

The nichan smile

The Gods smiled upon their offsprings from the skies, loving, generous. But that was before. For the sky is now tainted, and the people deprived of their creators overnight have been orphans for nearly two centuries.

Since that fateful day, the Corruption has reigned over the world. It defiled the clouds, covered the lands with a veil of darkness. The first conflicts arose in the east of the Coroman continent, some under the impulse of beliefs calling for blood and flames. As hatred continues to spread, the vanished Gods no longer answering any prayers, some fight for a peaceful life.

In the midst of this madness, two children meet each other.
One of them is human.
The other is nichan.
The boys are two opposite minds and fates, yet connected irrevocably. The days, then the passing years bring them together. But life reminds them of their differences and works to crush the remnants of their innocence. Between joys and sorrows, friendship and savagery, a smile is sometimes enough to change everything…

Trigger Warning: this novel contains graphic violence, violence against children and animals, explicit sexual content (including sexual violence and underage sex), and explicit language. Reader discretion is advised.


Injustice Year Zero

Injustice year zero

“Tout aurait pu être différent s’ils avaient été parmi nous.” Un an avant que Superman ne devienne le dictateur le plus haï de la planète, une Ligue de la Justice encore unie célébrait les héros qui les avaient précédés : la Société de Justice. À leur contact, Batman, Superman et les membres de la Ligue de Justice moderne apprirent comment ces aînés parvinrent secrètement à défaire le tyran nazi durant la seconde guerre mondiale. Cette ambiance fraternelle XX lorsque l’on rapporte les derniers agissements du Joker. Le criminel aurait trouvé le moyen de contrôler mentalement ses adversaires, et s’apprêterait à saboter la Ligue et la Société de Justice de l’intérieur…

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