Arc Review – A Swift and Savage Tide by Chloe Neill

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November 26, 2021 by ceresbooksworld

A swift and savage tide

A Swift and Savage Tide by Chloe Neill

Book two in Captain Kit Brightling series

Publisher : berkley

Publication date : November 30th 2021

Source : eArc from the publisher

Rating : 5 hearts


Chloe Neill’s bold, seafaring heroine Captain Kit Brightling sets sail for high seas and high sorcery in this swashbuckling fantasy series.

Captain Kit Brightling is Aligned to the magic of the sea, which makes her an invaluable asset to the Saxon Isles and its monarch, Queen Charlotte. The Isles and its allies will need every advantage they can get: Gerard Rousseau, the former Gallic emperor and scourge of the Continent, has escaped his island prison to renew his quest for control of the Continent.

Gerard has no qualms about using dangerous magic to support his ambitions, so Kit and the crew of her ship, the Diana, are the natural choice to find him—and help stop him. Sparks fly when Kit’s path unexpectedly crosses with that of the dashing and handsome Rian Grant, Viscount Queenscliffe, who’s working undercover on the Continent in his own efforts to stop Gerard. But he’s not the only person Kit is surprised to see. An old enemy has arisen, and the power he’ll wield on Gerard’s behalf is beautiful and terrible. Sparks will fly and sails will flutter as Kit and crew are cast onto the seas of adventure to fight for queen and country.


In this volume we find Kit and her crew, the danger is getting closer, the people who were dead finally are not so much. But Kit can always count on Grant.

I really liked this book, it’s the first time I’ve seen Kit scared and it’s kind of weird because she’s still a young woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t let herself be pushed around. I love her fiery temperament and the sparks it creates when she is with Grant. I grew attached to this little couple and they go through a lot in this volume.

I’m also looking forward to reading the sequel to find out more about Kit but also about magic. I have to admit that with Chloe Neill I always expect there to be deaths, I think I was traumatized by Ethan Sullivan’s death and every time Grant was in danger my heart leapt.

Anyway, this second volume is very good, we learn more about magic and we start to discover Kit’s little weak points.

Quick Word: A second volume that takes us on another journey aboard the Diana.


Dans ce tome nous retrouvons Kit et son équipage, le danger se rapproche, les personnes qui étaient mortes finalement ne le sont pas tant que ça. Mais Kit pourra toujours compter sur Grant.

J’ai beaucoup aimé ce tome, c’est la première fois que je vois Kit avoir peur et ça fait assez bizarre parce que c’est quand même une jeune femme qui sait ce qu’elle veut et qui ne se laisse pas marcher sur les pieds. J’adore son tempérament de feu et les étincelles que cela fait lorsqu’elle est avec Grant. Je me suis attachée à ce petit couple et ils vivent beaucoup de choses dans ce tome.

J’ai aussi hâte de lire la suite pour découvrir plus de choses sur Kit mais aussi sur la magie. J’avoue qu’avec Chloe Neill je m’attends toujours à ce qu’il y ait des morts, je crois que j’ai été traumatisée par la mort d’Ethan Sullivan et à chaque moment où Grant était en danger, mon cœur faisait des bonds.

En tout cas, ce deuxième tome est très bien, nous apprenons plus de choses sur la magie et nous commençons à découvrir les petits points faibles de Kit.

En bref : Un deuxième tome qui nous fait voyager encore une fois à bord du Diana.

About the author

Chloe Neill is the New York Times bestselling author of the Heirs of Chicagoland, Chicagoland Vampires Novels, Devil’s Isle Novels, and Dark Elite novels. Chloe was born and raised in the South, but now makes her home in the Midwest. When she’s not writing, she bakes, works, and scours the Internet for good recipes and great graphic design. Chloe also maintains her sanity by spending time with her boys–her husband and their dogs, Baxter and Scout.

Connect with Chloe at


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