Arc Review – All my nevers by Diana Nixon

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February 19, 2022 by ceresbooksworld

J - All my nevers

All my nevers by Diana Nixon

Book one of Saint no More series

Publisher : Self published

Publication date : February 18th

Source : eArc from the author

Rating 5 hearts


From the USA Today & International Bestselling Author Diana Nixon comes a brand new, dark romantic mystery about giving a second chance to feelings that should never be forgotten.

Not all fairytales are bathed in magic. Some are dipped in tears, grief, and blood.
And mine? It was submerged in all of the above.

Three years ago, leaving San Fernando felt like the best way out of the mess I was neck-deep in. An addict to all things forbidden, I betrayed everyone I loved and watched my little sister pay for my sins with her life. An escape felt like a blessing, so I ran away and left the ashes of my past drift behind me.
This is why returning to my hometown was never on the menu.
Nor was falling in love with my childhood friend whose heart had been irreparably broken by yours truly.
But my father’s death turned out to be a twist I wasn’t expecting, and I had no choice but to come back home, face my demons, and head the family and what was left of my father’s business.

My new life was hell on earth. Everyone hated me.
And I…
I loved the only girl I knew would NEVER be mine.

A standalone story that opens Saint No More – a series of romance novels about hate, revenge, passion, and love at a young age evolving into HEA.


In All My Nevers we follow the story of Kayden and Amelie, they met in high school and it was love at first sight. Only Kayden lost his footing, abandoned Amelie and when he comes back everything has changed.

I really liked Amelie, she is a very touching girl, she has principles and she sticks to them, her family is important to her. Her friendship with Khloe, Kayden’s sister is really beautiful.

Kayden is a lovely character, unfortunately he discovers something that disturbs him and won’t help him. Khloe is all that matters to him.

I liked seeing Andre fall in love with Khloe, I hated Kayden’s father’s reaction, as well as his brother’s.

I had a great time with all of these characters and I’m quite pleased that all of Diana’s stories end in a happy ending.

Diana writes majestically, we feel all the feelings of the different characters and it is absolutely not complicated to understand the characters and their pains.

Quick Word: A very nice romance to read.


Dans All my nevers nous suivons l’histoire de Kayden et Amelie, ils se sont connus au lycée et c’était l’amour fou. Seulement Kayden a perdu pied, a abandonné Amelie et lorsqu’il revient tout a changé.

J’ai beaucoup aimé Amelie, c’est une jeune fille vraiment touchante, elle a des principes et elle s’y tient, sa famille est importante pour elle. Son amitié avec Khloe, la sœur de Kayden est vraiment très belle.

Kayden est un personnage adorable, malheureusement il découvre une chose qui le perturbe et qui ne va pas l’aider. Khloe est tout ce qui compte pour lui.

J’ai bien aimé voir Andre tomber amoureux de Khloe, j’ai detesté la réaction du père de Kayden, ainsi que celle de son frère.

J’ai passé un excellent moment en compagnie de tous ces personnages et je suis assez ravies que toutes les histoires de Diana se finissent en Happy End.

Diana écrit majestueusement, on ressent tous les sentiments des différents personnages et ce n’est absolument pas compliqué de comprendre les personnages et leurs douleurs.

En bref : Une romance très belle à lire.

About the author

USA Today & International Bestselling Author Diana Nixon writes sweet and spicy romance reads. A Master of Law in the past and a forever book addict, she knows how to weave plots that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Her stories can be funny or tragic, but her characters are strong, rebellious, and passionate about everything they do. When Diana isn’t busy writing, she spends her time reading books or watching historical dramas. A mom of two, she can’t live without coffee and chocolate, and she believes that writing is the best cure for everything that can be healed with words.

Her books have been published internationally, in seven languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, French, and Portuguese.

Diana Nixon is the founder of the literary magazine Inks & Scratches.



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