The blue-haired boy by Courtney C. Stevens

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March 14, 2014 by ceresbooksworld

The blue Haired boy


Synopsis :

Bodee Lennox has secrets. About where he got the four-inch scar on his leg. About the bruises on his back. About what it’s really like to live in the Lennox household. These are things he doesn’t share with anyone . . . until he meets Gerry, a girl with bright-green hair and a smile the size of Alaska. When Gerry falls out of a bus in Rickman, Tennessee, and lands at Bodee’s feet, she gives Bodee two things he desperately needs: a friend and a chance to leave Rickman behind, even if it’s just for a few hours.

He joins Gerry on her epic bus trip for as far as his money will take him. And by the end of the day, more of Bodee has changed than just the color of his hair.


The story :

It’s a short story with Bodee before getting acquainted more amply in Faking Normal.


The characters :

Bodee has family problems, he’s shy, speaks to nobody, has no friend but nevertheless we fell all the sweetness and the kindness which emanates from him. It is a character to whom I became attached a lot and I understand now why he has his hair color. In this short story, we see him opening and we understand the way he feels.

Gerry makes a road-trip by bus, she runs away but in spite of all the reasons which she has to flee, she keeps smiling and it’s the thing which I appreciate a lot. She tries to push Bodee that he has to trust him and to channel his brave. We don’t find Gerry in Faking Normal and it’s not bad because it was just a stage in Bodee’s life, but a compulsory stage because it wouldn’t be what he is otherwise.


My review :

An absolutely complete short story, not too long nor too short. Everything is useful for the development of the characters, I really appreciated the meeting of Bodee and Gerry and the way they confide their problems. I’m absolutely a fan of Courtney C Stevens style and before making my review for Faking Normal, I wait to reread it when it will FINALLY arrived at my house. In any case what I can tell you it’s that these two books are a total crush.

A last sentence to conclude : Channel your brave.


Note : 


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