Resistance (Night School #4) by C.J Daugherty

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June 19, 2014 by ceresbooksworld

Night School 4

Synopsis :

Finding refuge at a secret location in the south of France, Allie almost convinces herself she’s safe – until Nathaniel’s guards attack. Then she’s on the run again, and forced to return to the one place she can truly call home: Cimmeria Academy.
But when she arrives, she barely recognises it. Tensions are on a knife edge. Now most of the students have deserted the school, the teachers can’t be trusted and guards are in charge. Worse, Nathaniel is close – very close – to getting everything he wants.
Desperate to do something – anything! – to stop him, Allie agrees to accompany Lucinda on a dangerous late-night mission. But in doing so, is she putting her friends’ lives at risk?
Carter and Sylvain are both ready to fight by her side – and prove their love. Allie knows she must make up her mind once and for all about who she really wants. No one will wait for ever.
The time for indecision is over. Everything is at stake and winner takes all…

My review :

In this book, Ally and Rachel travels to avoid that Nathaniel finds them.We find them at Sylvain’s in France, unfortunately Nathaniel found them and they finally have to return to Cimmeria.The school changed during their absence, the security is more increased, the guards are more present and especially more visible. Ally is delighted to find Carter, Nicole and Zoé but she knows that the traitor is always at the school. Lucinda began the negotiations with Nathaniel but nothing goes according to plan.

Ally gets closer to Sylvain but her heart always hesitates. She irritated me a lot in this book, I know that she’s young and at her age many girls don’t know what they want from a loving point of view but I really found that she was immature.As for the story with Nathaniel, I understand that her life is in danger but she makes decisions unguardedly in the consequences of her acts on the people who try to protect her. Finally she’s rather selfish.

Sylvain is always faithful to himself, he loves Ally, you can see it and he does everything to protect her but I always have a bad presentiment.

Carter remains my preferred boy and even more in this book where he’s here for Ally in spite of the fact that she’s closer to Sylvain. I like his rebel attitude but thoughtful side and soft. He knows how Ally thinks and he also knows how to stop her crises of panic.

Rachel hides many things in Ally in this book and gets closer to Nicole, what arranges nothing in the behavior of Allie obviously.

There is a new character to discover and of course the regular Nicole and Zoé. Even Katie is less unpleasant me.

I appreciated the progress of the story, we find action scenes, moments of tenderness and passion as well as the absolutely horrible end for the readers.

Without excess spoiler there is a character that I loved found and I hope that he will be here in the next book.

In brief, another book which is very fast read and the more we approach the end, the less we trust people and more we feel that the last book is going to be epic. At least I hope so. In any case this book managed to irritate me, to give me smile, to make me have small butterflies in the body and it’s end is infuriating. C.J managed well to captivate the reader and I think that I would take myself the next book in the original version and not in VF because I am not a patient girl.




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