Two breaths too late by Rochelle Maya Callen


September 23, 2014 by ceresbooksworld

I-Two breaths too late

Synopsis :

After years of secrets and bruises, Ellie Walker takes her own life only weeks before her high school graduation. She expected to be free, but instead is forced to face the brokenness she has left behind.

This story isn’t about happily-ever-afters.
It is about the millions of terrible and beautiful moments that make up a life and the hope that lives in even the darkest of places.
My review :

This is the story of Ellie, all the things that she would have said to her mother and her best friend, the way they feel the loss.

Ellie is a young girl who made a mistake and ends her life. She didn’t have hope anymore. She’s a ghost and she sees her parents, her best friend and other people to live after her death.

At no time, she thought people would suffer because of her act and I find that this book brings very well the subject. But that not the only thing, it’s a story of hope, even if your life is bad, you must keep hope because one day life would be great.

This book made me feel many feelings, I cried a lot and I liked every passage of this book.

In the beginning, I wanted to roar on her mother, to hit her father and to tell Ellie, don’t do this, keep hope. And the more I moved forward in my reading, the more I wanted to hug her mother and August because they keep hope but they were too late. I wanted to hug Ellie because she regretted her act and I would have liked that she keeps faith in the future.

The story is told by Ellie after her death.

It’s a beautiful story, I know that beautiful is not appropriate because it’s a sad story but this story can give a little hope and that is beautiful.

Rochelle Maya Callen tells very well the story and the only thing which we want is jumped in the book and helped the characters. The feelings are well described. You can’t close this book and remain indifferent to all of this.

This book is very intense and it’s a short novel so you can read it fast and you don’t regret it.

Some people see suicide as an easy way out of life but they don’t realize the impact it will leave on their loved ones. If the desire to commit suicide crosses you, read Two breaths too late and keep hope.

If the suicide doesn’t tempt you, read this book because people are too selfish and don’t look enough at the others to see their despair and help them.

Thanks to Rochelle Maya Callen for giving me the opportunity to read this book and review it. It was a great pleasure and good book, I cried a lot but it’s amazing to see how she can make you feel all the story like it was yours.

A portion of proceeds will go to suicide prevention project “HoldOn2Hope” and you can find Rochelle Maya Callen on Facebook, Twitter and her page.


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3 thoughts on “Two breaths too late by Rochelle Maya Callen

  1. I just finished reading this book and I feel the exact same way. It’s a such a beautifully tragic novel and I cried so much when reading it yet I have absolutely no regrets, because this is a book that NEEDS to be read by everyone.

    Great review.

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