Review – The Curse of Kalaan by Linda Saint-Jalmes

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January 17, 2016 by ceresbooksworld

les croz


The curse of Kalaan by linda Saint Jalmes

Book one in The Croz series

Publisher : Rebelle Editions

Publication date : November 23rd, 2015

Source : eBook from the author

Rating : 5 hearts




Egypt – November 7th, 1828

For Kalaan Phoebus, the count of Croz, a surprise encounter with Jean-François Champollion on the outskirts of the ancient Egyptian city of Tell el-Amarna was providence knocking at his door. Champollion, an eminent scholar, was the only person capable of deciphering the hieroglyphs on the wall at entrance of the mysterious edifice that the young nobleman had just discovered.

But was it really providence? For, on entering the unusual structure, the count is struck by a curse. From that moment on, he has only one way to counter the vile punishment of the ancient gods; and that is return to his home in Brittany to seek the guardian of the stones.



This book is a real adventure, it makes me travel to Egypt and Bretagne, very different places but they are really historic and it’s very interesting.

Kalaan is a corsair and the Count of Croz, a small island in Bretagne, after his travel in Egypt, where he’s been cursed, he finally go home to speak with the guardians of stones and find a cure to his curse. I won’t tell you more because you need to read the book and you’ll know what is the curse.

I like Kalaan, he’s arrogant sure of himself, it’s funny to see the curse hit him. In the beginning he reacts badly to the curse but after all I find that he manages very well the situation. He accepts the fact that it is permanent and it prevents him from being himself.

Kalaan comes back from his journey in Egypt with Salam, one of his friends who is going to become more important and you will like what you will learn by reading this book. When Kalaan arrives at Croz, the only thing which he really wants is its tranquillity, unfortunately everything is against him, not only his mother, Amélie and his sister, Isabelle are not in Paris but more than that, the best friend of Isabelle, Virginie also belongs to Croz.

This book contains many funny scenes as Linda Saint Jalmes always write very well, funny moments when the women always have reactions which I appreciate. Kalaan is so funny with “the thing”, I cannot tell it to you anymore but you will love this book.

Linda has a crazy talent to create valuable characters who we love enormously and with whom we live an extraordinary adventure. She knows how to tell stories and make them real and beautiful.

This book is a real adventure in which you will visit historic places with moving characters. You will live a bookish journey through Egypt and Bretagne.


This book will be published in english that’s one of the reason I’m doing a review in english even if I have read it in french. This author deserves to be known all around the world so if you like historical romance I will keep you update on the release date.




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