Arc Review – Remember that night by Katrina Marie


August 14, 2018 by ceresbooksworld


Remember that night by Katrina Marie

Book four in Taking Chances series

Publisher: Self Published

Publication date: August 14th, 2018

Source: Arc from the author

Rating: 5 hearts




Darcy Quinn doesn’t do sloppy seconds—even if they are her own. She has reinvented herself just in time for college and is determined to show the world she is stronger than ever so no one can hurt her again…especially Derrick Rhodes.

For as long as he can remember, Derrick’s only wanted two things: to play college ball and to be Darcy’s man. This all came to a crashing halt a year ago. He lost his future and his girl. Now he’ll stop at nothing to make the team and win Darcy back for good.

Can the two of them find a way to overcome the past and become the people they have always wanted to be? Will Darcy take a chance on loving again?


Remember that night is the story of Darcy and Derrick, if you have read all the previous volumes, you already know these two characters. You could feel that there was some tension between Darcy and Derrick, indeed they already knew each other before and this memory is not very good for Darcy. She felt betrayed by Derrick and when he couldn’t explain it, everything got complicated.

Darcy is a lovely girl, after Derrick’s betrayal she closed in on herself and mostly she changed, she was a geek and now she’s just a young girl trying to be normal. Derrick’s return to her life has changed a lot, she will open her eyes to what is important and she will try to forgive Derrick.

Derrick was always in love with Darcy, he wanted to explain himself and give the reason, very valid, for his missed appointment, but Darcy never let him express himself. He’s a lovely boy, he makes mistakes like everyone else, he wants to be on the basketball team. He’s gonna try so hard to win Darcy back, he’s gonna get Cami’s help.

I really liked this story, the friendship between Darcy and Cami but also the attraction between Darcy and Derrick. They are so adorable together, it would be a shame not to give them a little chance.

Katrina Marie has a particular gift for inventing normal characters, who resemble us and I felt very close to Darcy, I like her geek side, and also her humour. Katrina’s characters experience normal things like ordinary mortals, and I like that.

Quick Word: A pretty love story to put in all hands.


Remember that night est l’histoire de Darcy et Derrick, si vous avez lu tous les tomes précédents, vous connaissez déjà ces deux personnages. Vous avez pu sentir qu’il y avait une certaine tension entre Darcy et Derrick, en effet ils se connaissaient déjà avant et ce souvenir n’est pas très bon pour Darcy. Elle s’est sentie trahie par Derrick et comme il n’a pas pu s’expliquer, tout s’est compliqué.

Darcy est une fille adorable, après la trahison de Derrick elle s’est renfermée sur elle-même et surtout elle a changée, c’était une geek et maintenant c’est juste une jeune fille qui essaie d’être normale. Le retour de Derrick dans sa vie a changé beaucoup de choses, elle va ouvrir les yeux sur ce qui est important et elle va essayer de pardonner à Derrick.

Derrick a toujours été amoureux de Darcy, il a voulu s’expliquer et donner la raison, très valable, de son rendez-vous manqué, mais Darcy ne l’a jamais laissé s’exprimer. C’est un garçon adorable, il fait des erreurs comme tout le monde, il veut être intégrer dans l’équipe basketball. Il va faire des tonnes d’efforts pour essayer de reconquérir Darcy, il va avoir l’aide de Cami.

J’ai beaucoup aimé cette histoire, l’amitié entre Darcy et Cami mais aussi l’attraction entre Darcy et Derrick. Ils sont tellement adorables tous les deux ensembles, ce serait dommage de ne pas leur donner une petite chance.

Katrina Marie a un don particulier pour inventer des personnages normaux, qui nous ressemblent et je me suis sentie très proche de Darcy, j’aime son côté geek, et aussi son humour. Les personnages de Katrina vivent des choses normales comme le commun des mortels, et j’aime ça.

En bref : Une jolie histoire d’amour à mettre entre toutes les mains.

About the author

Katrina Marie lives in the Dallas area with her husband, two children, and fur baby. She is a lover of all things geeky and Gryffindor for life. When she’s not writing you can find her at her children’s sporting events, or curled up reading a book.




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