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December 9, 2018 by ceresbooksworld


Found in Night by Ben Alderson

Book two in The Dragori Series

Publisher : OfTomes Publishing

Publication date : June 12th, 2018

Source : Paperback

Rating : Evil Love




Dragon Shifters. Undead. Revenge.

Life has not been the same since the attack on the ship. Affected by the Druid’s power, something dark lurks within Hadrian Vulmar, threatening the existence of those around him.

Following a lead, Zacriah and Nyah head into the forest on an expedition to cure him. When they are ambushed by the living dead—bodies controlled by shadow—covered in the Druid marks, they know the Druid did not perish in the sea as they first thought. The Druid is back, and with his return comes the threat of attack.

The three known Dragori are sent on a dangerous quest to stop this dark magick before Hadrian gives into his new power, and the shadowbeings end more innocent lives.


Hadrian is sick, his power is developing too quickly and he’s putting everyone at risk. Zacriah is trying to find a solution but unfortunately he can’t. The Druid is still alive and has spies everywhere.

I still love Zacriah so much, he’s adorable, his love for Hadrian is so strong that he is willing to forgive him for everything. I like the friendly relationship he has with Nyah, they are connected and I think it’s very beautiful. I also enjoyed discovering new characters even though I cried my eyes out. Ben Alderson is a sadistic author and he proves it very well in this book.

Hadrian is also a character I like, he knows what he wants but he’s not aware of the danger, or rather he’s aware of it but doesn’t accept help from his friends. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the last book but I’m looking forward to finding out, hoping that everything goes well.

Nyah is true to herself, I love her, she’s funny, nice and she knows how to fight. Everyone has a deep respect for her.

As I told you before, I cried, but I also laughed and above all I had a great time in the company of all these characters.

Ben Alderson has managed to create a fantastic and extraordinary universe and even if he doesn’t feel sorry for his characters, I still love him.

Quick word: A book to read absolutely, I would even say more, a series to read urgently.


Hadrian est malade, son pouvoir se développe trop rapidement et il met tout le monde en danger. Zacriah essaie de trouver une solution mais malheureusement il n’y arrive pas. Le druide est toujours vivant et il a des espions partout.

J’adore toujours autant Zacriah, il est adorable, son amour pour Hadrian est tellement fort qu’il est prêt à tout lui pardonner. J’aime la relation amicale qu’il entretient avec Nyah, ils sont liés et je trouve que c’est très beau. J’ai aussi apprécié le fait de découvrir de nouveaux personnages même si j’ai pleuré toutes les larmes de mon corps. Ben Alderson est un auteur sadique et il nous le prouve très bien dans ce livre.

Hadrian est aussi un personnage que j’apprécie, il sait ce qu’il veut mais il n’a pas conscience du danger, ou plutôt il en a conscience mais n’accepte pas l’aide de ses amis. Je ne sais pas ce qui va se passer dans le dernier livre mais je suis impatiente de le découvrir, tout en espérant que tout se passe bien.

Nyah est fidèle à elle-même, je l’adore, elle est drôle, sympa et elle sait se battre. Tout le monde a un profond respect pour elle.

Comme je vous le disais précédemment, j’ai pleuré, mais j’ai aussi ri et surtout j’ai passé un excellent moment en compagnie de tous ces personnages.

Ben Alderson a réussi à créer un univers fantastique tout à fait extraordinaire et même si il n’a pas pitié de ses personnages, je l’aime quand même.

En bref : Un livre à lire absolument, je dirais même plus, une série à lire de toute urgence.

About the author

“Ben Alderson is the book vlogger you want to know from across the pond. This 22-year-old UK native is steadily making a name for himself with not only his YouTube book vlog, but also his Instagram account …where he is followed by thousands who can’t get enough of his artsy shots of books.”
– Teen Vogue.

Side from running his very own micro-publishing company, Oftomes, you can find Ben in the nearest Starbucks with a book in hand.
Not only in love with books, but also dogs, HP sauce and RnB music


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