Arc Review – The June Boys by Court Stevens


March 8, 2020 by ceresbooksworld


The June Boys by court Stevens


Publisher : Thomas Nelson

Publication date : March 3rd, 2020

Source : eArc from Netgalley

Rating : 4 hearts



The Gemini Thief could be anyone. Your father, your mother, your best friend’s crazy uncle. Some country music star’s deranged sister. Anyone.

The Gemini Thief is a serial kidnapper, who takes three boys and holds them captive from June 1st to June 30th of the following year. The June Boys endure thirteen months of being stolen, hidden, observed, and fed before they are released, unharmed, by their masked captor. The Thief is a pro, having eluded authorities for nearly a decade and taken at least twelve boys.

Now Thea Delacroix has reason to believe the Gemini Thief took a thirteenth victim: her cousin, Aulus McClaghen.

But the game changes when one of the kidnapped boys turns up dead. Together with her boyfriend Nick and her best friends, Thea is determined to find the Gemini Thief and the remaining boys before it’s too late. Only she’s beginning to wonder something sinister, something repulsive, something unbelievable, and yet, not impossible:

What if her father is the Gemini Thief?


The Gemini Thief is a serial kidnapper who has been holding three boys captive for one month, from June 1 to June 30 of the following year, for ten years. These boys are called the June Boys, for thirteen months they are observed, fed, hidden and generally released alive without anything having happened to them.

The problem is that the kidnapping thief this year, took one more boy, Aulus, who is the cousin of Thea our heroine who will do everything to find the culprit and save the June Boys.

I really liked that plot very much. Thea is afraid to ask herself some questions but despite everything she tries and sometimes she discovers that those around her are not necessarily honest with her.

Nick is the first to ask her the disturbing question.

“Could the Gemini Thief be your father?

I really like Thea a lot, I find her a remarkable strength of character. She also discovers herself because her world is turned upside down by the absence of Aulus but thanks to that she was able to meet Nick, her boyfriend.

Gladys, Tank, Aulus and Thea form a team, so the three remaining characters became even more united after the disappearance of Aulus.

I liked the investigation of Nick and Thea, seeing the workings of their brains and trying to find the culprit myself.

I confess that I succeeded before them, it just missed the motive.

I love Courtney Stevens’ books and this one is no exception. The characters are interesting, the plot is thrilling and the ending is full of…

Quick word: A thrilling thriller to read urgently.


The Gemini Thief est un serial kidnappeur il détient captif trois garçons pendant 1 mois, du 1er juin au 30 juin de l’année suivante et ce depuis dix ans. Ces garçons sont appelés les June Boys, pendant treize mois ils sont observés, nourris, cachés et généralement relâchés vivant sans qu’il ne leur soit arrivés quoique ce soit.

Le problème est que le voleur kidnappeur cette année a pris un garçon en plus, Aulus, ce dernier est le cousin de Théa notre héroïne qui va tout faire pour trouver le coupable et sauver les June Boys.

J’ai vraiment beaucoup aimé cette intrigue. Théa a peur de se poser certaines questions mais malgré tout elle essaie et elle découvre parfois que son entourage n’est pas forcément honnête avec elle.
C’est Nick le premier qui lui pose la question dérangeante.

“Est ce que le Gemini Thief pourrait être ton père ?

J’aime vraiment beaucoup Théa, je lui trouve une force de caractère remarquable. Elle se découvre aussi car son monde est chamboulé par l’absence d’Aulus mais grâce à cela elle a pu rencontrer Nick, son petit ami.

Gladys, Tank, Aulus et Théa forment une équipe, du coup les trois personnages restants se sont soudés encore plus après la disparition d’Aulus.

J’ai bien aimé l’enquête de Nick et Théa, voir les rouages de leurs cerveaux opérer et essayer de trouver moi-même le coupable.

J’avoue que j’y suis parvenue avant eux, il me marquait juste le motif.

J’adore les livres de Courtney Stevens et celui-ci ne fait pas exception à la règle. Les personnages sont intéressants, l’intrigue est palpitante et la fin pleine de…

En bref : Un thriller palpitant à lire de toute urgence.

About the author

Courtney “Court” Stevens grew up among rivers, cornfields, churches, and gossip in the small town south. She is a former adjunct professor, youth minister, Olympic torchbearer, and bookseller at Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN. These days she writes coming-of-truth fiction and is the community outreach manager for Warren County Public Library in Bowling Green, KY. She has a pet whale named Herman, a bandsaw named Rex, and several novels with her name on the spine.


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