Arc review – The Unfairfolk by Sara wolf

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April 19, 2020 by ceresbooksworld


The Unfairfolk by Sara Wolf

Book one in Valenbound series

Publisher : Self published

Publication date : 29th february, 2020

Source : eArc from the author

Rating : 4 hearts




A promise made is a promise kept, until the very end of all death.

Sixteen year old Lilith Pierce’s mom is getting remarried. Which, sucks. To one of the richest men in Europe. Which, honestly? Sucks a little less.

Lilith’s warily stoked – after Dad disappeared, it’s been all tears and police visits and sleeping pills for Mom. So, yeah. She’ll suck it up for seven months and get shipped off to the ultra-luxe, ultra-selective Institut Le Silvere – a prestigious boarding school in the Swiss Alps – while they honeymoon. How hard can it really be? It’s not like she’s got maybe-permanent hypervigilance, or anything.

It’s not like the woods around the school are maybe-alive.

It’s not like she’s being stalked by a man with glowing red eyes.

It’s not like the neighboring village whispers that all the students are cursed.

It’s not like resident model Ciel Lautrec is the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen, or anything. Too beautiful to be human. So beautiful the hypervigilance shuts right up. It’s not like she can’t handle Silvere’s self-appointed, self-conceited lawkeeper slash bully Alistair Strickland. Because she can. She can handle it all.

She’s always handled it all. Because she’s Lilith-fucking-Pierce.

And the forest knows that best of all.


Lilith is a charming young girl who will be sent to boarding school in Switzerland, far from her native country, the United States. Indeed, her mother remarries and while she goes on a trip with her new husband, Lilith is sent to a prestigious school where many secrets will or will not be revealed.

In any case this story is mysterious, Lilith goes to meet Alistair Strickland and Ciel Lautrec, the first is an extremely serious boy who enforces the rules of the institute, the second is charming but very mysterious.

I won’t say more about the story, I had a good time with all these characters, I don’t know yet who I prefer between Ciel and Alistair, I like their dark and bad boy side.

Lilith annoyed me a lot at times in her reactions but in the end I like her anyway. She didn’t have an easy childhood and she’s still marked by it. She has a lot of humour and says what she thinks, all the time. However, she has a childish side that appears at times.

I really liked the fact that the book talks about social problems, Lilith and her mother were victims of abuse and the subject is well covered. There are also castes within the institute which only accepts rich people, with a few exceptions.

I liked the book on the whole, it prepares us for what’s to come.

Quick word: A good first volume.


Lilith est une charmante jeune fille qui va être envoyée en pensionnat en Suisse, loin de son pays natal, les Etats-Unis. En effet, sa mère se remarie et pendant qu’elle part en voyage avec son nouveau mari, Lilith est envoyée dans une école prestigieuse où beaucoup de secrets seront ou ne seront pas révélés.

En tout cas cette histoire est mystérieuse, Lilith va rencontrer Alistair Strickland et Ciel Lautrec, le premier est un garçon extrêmement sérieux qui fait respecter les règles de l’institut, le deuxième est plein de charme mais très mystérieux.

Je n’en dirais pas plus sur l’histoire, j’ai passé un bon moment en compagnie de tous ces personnages, je ne sais pas encore qui je préfère entre Ciel et Alistair, j’aime leur côté sombre et bad boy.

Lilith m’a beaucoup énervée par moment dans ses réactions mais au final je l’aime bien quand même. Elle n’a pas eu une enfance facile et elle est encore marquée par cette dernière. Elle a beaucoup d’humour et dis ce qu’elle pense, tout le temps. Cependant, elle a un côté enfantin qui apparait par moment.

J’ai beaucoup aimé le fait que le livre parle de problèmes sociaux, Lilith et sa mère ont été victime d’abus et le sujet est bien abordé. Il y a aussi les castes au sein de l’institut qui accepte uniquement des personnes riches, sauf quelques exceptions.

J’ai bien aimé ce livre dans l’ensemble, il nous prépare à la suite des évènements.

En bref : Un bon premier tome.

About the author

Sara Wolf is a twenty-something author who adores baking, screaming at her cats, and screaming at herself while she types hilarious things. When she was a kid, she was too busy eating dirt to write her first terrible book. Twenty years later, she picked up a keyboard and started mashing her fists on it and created the monster known as the Lovely Vicious series. She lives in Portland, Oregon where the sun can’t get her anymore and not enough fruit tarts ever.


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